March 27 Eckville Town Council update

Eckville Town Council held a regular meeting of Council on March 27.

Tiny Houses

The Town Council of Eckville discussed the feasibility of including the new trend of tiny homes into the community’s building plans.

The discussion was sparked after the Red Deer Advocate published a story on the community of Big Valley’s new Tiny Home sub division which has 30’ x 80’ lots, with 650 sq. ft. homes. Council generally agreed that this could be a unique way to fill some of the Town’s open infill lots.

Town CAO Jack Ramsden was concerned that many of these Tiny Home communities are located in much warmer climates then Central Alberta, meaning that further research would be necessary to have a better understanding of the feasibility of these homes in Eckville.

This discussion also sparked council to discuss the possibility of c-can homes, which have also grown in popularity.

Councillor Sandra Hallgren discussed how these smaller homes are an indication of the minimalist society that many Millennials are jumping onto, meaning that it is important for the Town to look into it.

Hens in Eckville

Council took the time to discuss whether having chicken hutches for home-grown eggs would be feasible for Eckville.

Many municipalities, including Red Deer, have a bylaw that allows for a limited amount of hutches in the community. For Red Deer, it currently allows for a hutch for every 1,000 people.

Many of the councillors pointed out that there are chickens in Eckville already without the bylaw and if the Town adopted the same bylaw as Red Deer, it would mean only one hutch would be allowed in Town.

Council instructed CAO Jack Ramsden to research the topic and bring it back to council on how this may work for Eckville.

Canada Day swag

Council discussed purchasing official Canada 150 pins with the town’s name on the bottom.

These gold pins would signify solidarity with the rest of the country on Canada’s illustrious 150th birthday on July 1st, 2017.

The cost of these pins would depend on the quantity and quality ordered, which led council to suggest a motion is needed to create a budget for the additional costs of the expanded Canada Day celebrations. A motion was not made this week, however it will be discussed at future meetings.

Recreational Grounds

As many long-time residents know, the area around the curling rink, arena and community centre was originally titled Memorial Park.

The entrance to the ground used to have signage and the park was erected in order to honour Canadian veterans. At some point, the signage vanished likely due to the limited height it allowed for vehicles.

Mayor Helen Posti would like to see the signage returned in order to maintain this piece of Eckville’s history.

Councillor Scott Kinley suggested that this could be part of a great historical resurrection that includes information signs thoughout the community discussing the history of Eckville.

Council instructed administration to look into costs for new signage for this project.

Subdivision signing authority

Council gave first, second and third readings to a new bylaw that gives subdivision signing authority to the Town CAO.

This bylaw became necessary after the Town decided not to renew their contract with the Parkland Planning Commission.

Council made a motion to approve the bylaw and any new subdivision planning can now be approved by Town administration.