McIntyre running for town’s top spot; Plante to seek councillor’s position

Sylvan Lake’s mayoralty race gained one more candidate and lost another last week.

Sean McIntyre

Sean McIntyre

Sylvan Lake’s mayoralty race gained one more candidate and lost another last week.

Sean McIntyre, a first-term councillor, announced he’s running for the top spot while Dale Plante, endorsed McIntyre’s candidacy and said he’ll seek a second term as a councillor instead of his previously announced intention to enter the contest for the mayor’s position (see separate story).

“It is with much thought and consideration that I have chosen to put my name forward,” said McIntyre. “Sylvan Lake is the town I grew up in; the town I love. The time is right for me to step forward and lead a movement toward constructive change for our community.”

He indicated government needs to “function in integrity, transparency and accountability. When acting on behalf of anyone, these traits are vital, when acting on behalf of a community they are a prerequisite.”

McIntyre’s platform is based on leading a change “in the way we communicate”, “in the way we engage each other”, “in the way we engage government”, and “in the way we approach our future”.

“We need to work together towards one goal — community,” he said in a prepared statement. “Whether it’s the annual budget, a discussion about sidewalks, planning a subdivision, or considering development of the downtown, the good of the community needs to be forefront in the minds of our local government. We need to be mature enough to consider opposing points of view. We need to be humble enough to admit when mistakes were made, and willing to correct them. We need to be focused on the health of our town, more so than the conditions of our pride. And finally, we need to build community in a town that already exists. We need to work together to nurture what we have and develop what we lack. Sylvan Lake is ready for change.”

Discussing communications, he said, “clear communication, as a priority, is key to our future, and to our prosperity”.

“We need to engage each other,” McIntyre said. Whether it’s a new playground or a major change in planning the community needs to be consulted on potential changes and “the people need to be involved in forming the community we will become. Every opportunity needs to be given for information and input, so we can all be aware and engaged as we grow as a town.”

Other levels of government have the potential to affect our daily life in Sylvan Lake, said McIntyre. “Whether it be access to the lake, highway changes, or health care, the needs of Sylvan Lake need to be considered, and the voice of our community must be heard. We must engage governments around us to ensure our needs are met.”

We have a vibrant community, he said. “We have a robust and resilient population and a town to match. We have a bright future and a passionate people that are pursuing it. Key decisions will always be before us, and we need to address them with a responsible outlook and a firm grasp on reality. That said, we can’t lose sight of what we have. The natural beauty that surrounds us, the volunteerism that is among us, and the community spirit that may be dormant in some, but is alive and well in our town. The tools are at our disposal to build community, the task now is putting them to good use.”

McIntyre concluded, “I will continue to stand for integrity, transparency, accountability and inclusiveness; and I will continue to speak up and act on the best interests of the town I grew up in and love.”

Other candidates who have announced they’re seeking the mayor’s position are the current mayor, Susan Samson, and Matt Prete.