Mock election brings democracy alive in classrooms

École Fox Run School’s grade 7 student casting his vote for their mock federal election.École Fox Run School’s grade 7 student casting his vote for their mock federal election.
Ballots prepared for students to cast their votes. (Submitted Photos)Ballots prepared for students to cast their votes. (Submitted Photos)
List of Federal Candidates for their mock election
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École Fox Run School students experienced real-world voting process firsthand, and cast ballots for the official candidates running in the election as part of their mock elections.

“The mock elections were set up to closely resemble how the actual federal election functions. Students received a ballot that looks very similar to the actual election slip with the list of all candidates from our area,” shared Sean McWade, grade 7 teacher.

McWade shared that this is an opportunity for students to practically apply their learning from Grade 6 about municipal and provincial government structures and processes. He added that this allows students an opportunity to facilitate discussion and answer questions they may have about the process and reasoning behind elections.

“In non-Covid years, we would “hire” students as chief returning officers and other volunteers to help direct and instruct other students on how to vote. Many students commented that they were excited about the election today and that they had been looking forward to it over the weekend. They had never voted before and many took it as an opportunity to talk to their parents about the process,” shard McWade.

“The goal with this program was to help students become excited and engaged participants in the democratic process. Gaining an understanding of the process and then applying that knowledge practically is a great way to encourage students to stay involved and contribute positively to their local, provincial, and federal communities,” concluded McWade.