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Mother and daughter deliver papers to save for a horse

In recognition of Carrier Appreciation Day on Oct. 7

A mother daughter duo in Benalto have delivered the paper in Benalto for the past fifteen years. It takes the two of them about half an hour to cover the whole town. In celebration of National Newspaper Week and in recognition of Carrier Appreciation Day on Oct. 7, this is the story of two carriers fueled by a young girl’s dream of owning a pony.

Kaelin Lambert was eight when she was sure she wanted a pony. She was so sure that she was willing to get a job to help save for her new love.

“She was very determined to be able to get a horse of her own,” said Shelly

To help her save money for her dream, her mom, Shelly, started helping her deliver papers in town.

By the time Kaelin was 11-years-old, she had saved up enough money to purchase her first horse. Her first horse’s name was Tiny.

“We had found him through some friends after saving from [delivering] papers,” Shelley said. Kaelin was extremely excited to bring Tiny home and to finally join the 4-H and Pony Club. Tiny was her favourite then and still is.

“We are in a community with two incredible horse clubs. Being in those clubs has taught her about hard work and community,”said Shelly.

The two have worked together even when it requires a bit of an earlier morning than they would like “Delivering has its ups and downs of course. The early mornings six days a week and the winter months when it’s dark and cold. But then having them delivered by 6:30, they are done and you can go on with your day,” said Shelly.

Shelly and Kaelin enjoy serving their community and making connections with their customers. “We have had some great paper customers. We still have six that we started with. It has been a great job to stay in touch with our community. ”

Shelly also expressed appreciation for supervisor Deb Reitmeir at the Red Deer Advocate, “She is always so encouraging and helpful when you call in.”

All the paper carrier money Kaelin has earned goes towards her love of horses.

At twenty-two, Kaelin’s passion for horses has brought a total of three horses into her life and lead her to take the Race Horse Groom Program at Olds College. Kaelin is currently employed by Bar None Ranches and working with their horses at Century Downs racetrack in Balzac.

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