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New Animal Control Services to be seen in Eckville

Klassic Kennels has been providing the Town of Eckville with 12 monthly hours of animal control/patrol services.
KLASSIC KENNELS - Jim Deboon of Klassic Kennels brings in over 35 years of experience in Animal Control.

The Town of Eckville has a new sheriff in Town for Animal Control.

Klassic Kennels a kennel that services 13 communities throughout Central Alberta has been providing the Town of Eckville with 12 monthly hours of animal control patrol services since the month of November 2016.

Jim Deboon of Animal Services described how Klassic Kennels is there for the residents of Eckville.

“We enforce the Animal Control Bylaws for dogs and cats,” Deboon said. “If there are issues with that we will address it for the citizens of Eckville. If there are any issues like barking - these are covered by the bylaw.”

The 12 hours are spread randomly throughout the month on a changing schedule, however animal control services are also available on an on-call basis. Animal control is also available in case of a Town-wide emergency.

“Should something nasty happen and the Town had to be evacuated, we would help with sheltering animals at our Kennel which houses up to 100 dogs,” Deboon said.

Deboon and Klassic Kennels comes to Eckville with over 35 years of experience. Since Klassic Kennels started in Eckville it has been mostly quiet.

“The car volume is currently not high - usually between one and six calls per month,” Deboon said, adding that Klassic Kennels serves 13 other communities which has led to the creation of a successful adoption program.

“If people in Eckville want to check out the program the best way to do that is by Facebook,” he said, adding that “If they are missing or have found an animal in Eckville they can post it on that Facebook page.”

If you would like more information about Klassic Kennels or Eckville Animal Control Services, you can contact Jim Deboon at 403 506 9380.