New business opens in historic Sylvan Lake home

The Stone House has been a prominent feature of 46 Street in Sylvan Lake for over a century.

Built in 1911 by Mr. Loquet, also known as “Lucky”, the Stone House has been a prominent feature of 46 Street in Sylvan Lake for over a century.

This January the heritage site will re-open as, Crafted For The Home, a unique marketplace hoping to be home to as many as 30 Albertan artists master pieces and handy work.

The stunning stone home was built by Loquet as a residence and is a supreme showcase of the gentleman’s grand carpentry, masonry and crafting skills. Following the sale of the home after Loquet’s passing, the building has served as a restaurant, cafe, retail outlet, art gallery, framing store and a day spa.

In 2017, the Stone House will open it’s doors once more in a true homage the craftsmanship that built the site. Crafted For The Home, owned by Beth Meier, will feature creations from a number of local artists and has the potential to host two full floors of artistic exhibition. She explained her idea for Crafted For The Home, came from the notion of keeping money in the pockets of Albertan artists.

Meier hopes to populate the space with everything from pottery and photographs to home decor style craftsmanship and fine art with prices ranging from products costing $3-$3,000.

She added she was drawn to the space because of it’s beauty, with the inside of the home having been refinished with unique stained glass features, as well as to the rich history of the building in Sylvan Lake.

Within her own work, Meier tries to create her art using only recycled materials such as her custom made woodwork fabricated out of recycled wood pallets.

Formerly a resident of Eastern Canada before relocating to Red Deer and now Sylvan Lake, she found her passion for the arts while attending Nova Scotia College For Art and Design University.

“I am really looking forward to being open and couldn’t be happier with the location,” said Meier.