(Photo Courtesy of Fortis Alberta)

(Photo Courtesy of Fortis Alberta)

New FortisAlberta instillation in Sylvan means more reliability and shorter power interruption times

FortisAlberta recently installed a Distribution Automation system in Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake now more reliability and shorter power interruption times thanks to the instillation of a Distribution Automation (DA) system.

The FortisAlberta Control Centre is a central feature the company’s ability to limit the impacts of outages and improve outage restoration times during weather events and other incidents. Through the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that integrates the DA systems, system operators can see the current status of SCADA-enabled equipment like reclosers and switches and operate them remotely.

This technology helps to minimize the outage duration to affected customers by automatically isolating the faulty section of the electricity system to quickly restore power to as many customers as possible, without any human interaction. In some cases, Fortis will be able to restore power in seconds or minutes in a situation that would have taken hours.

“This system plays a large role in restoring power to as many customers as it can in as little as under one minute,” said Curtis Eck, vice president of engineering with Fortis. “Technology helps us immensely with power restoration, but we still need our workers in the field to help with manual work such as repairing damage from trees falling on our power lines.”

Since 2012, Fortis has installed over 20 DA equipment schemes in communities across the province. In addition to Sylvan Lake, Fortis recently installed systems in Brooks and Edson and are completing the installation in Hinton.

-Submitted by Fortis Alberta