Number of services and rental fees increasing with amended bylaw

Number of services and rental fees increasing with amended bylaw

Town Council passed the amended Service Fee Bylaw at a recent meeting

By Paul Johnston

Sylvan Lake Town Council has amended the Service Fee Bylaw with the third and final reading at a recent meeting of council. The amended bylaw increases fees on a number of services and rentals.

One of the most significant changes is the added rental fees for the use of the volleyball courts located on the pier. The courts will now be rented by the day, evening or by the hour, and designated as Local Youth Rate, Local Rate, and Non-Local Rate.

For a day or evening rental the rate for local youth is $54.70, while the local rate is $91.17, and the non-local rate is $109.4. The hourly rate for local youth is $9.00, while the locale rate is $14.42, and non-local rate is $17.43. Council anticipates the volleyball court rental fees will generate approximately $3,000 annually.

Of particular interest at this time of year are the Parks Wedding Packages. The packages are varied and can include the Lakeway Landing gazebo and bridge, or the Municipal Government Building front steps and Lion’s Park gazebo.

The Lighthouse Park and Lakefront Park are also available for booking.

All wedding packages are booked in six hour blocks and are $173.05 for local inhabitants or $207.65 for non-local inhabitants.

Recreational and Cultural fees such as those for swimming party packages is increasing by three per cent per year to 2021. This includes bouncer parties, skating parties, all room rentals, and the soccer/football fields with the amended bylaw.

The curling rink and arena rentals are also to increase by three per cent per year and have a maximum rental time of eight hours.

There will no longer be a food service fee for the party rooms as the Town is now operating the concession; and all shower fees have been removed as showering is included in regular admission.

All fees mentioned include GST.

Further information regarding available community services and costs are available on the Town’s web site.