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Peace in a Pod Yoga offers Candlelit Yin Yoga

Eckville’s own Peace in a Pod Yoga is continuing to be a source of innovation and inspiration in the community.
Melissa Konjolka led a Candlelit Yin Yoga Class at Peace in a Pod Yoga on January 17.

Eckville’s own Peace in a Pod Yoga is continuing to be a source of innovation and inspiration in the community.

On Sunday nights at 7:30 p.m. yoga enthusiasts have the opportunity to relax and prepare for the week with Candlelit Yin Yoga.

“Yin yoga is all about letting go of muscle engagement and getting deep into the connective tissues like the fascia, the ligaments and the joints,” Peace in a Pod owner Sandi-Rae Hebb said. “We hold poses for about 5-10 minutes each which allows our muscles to soften and relax so we can get into those deep tissues.”

Putting the focus on relaxation is crucial considering the busy lifestyle that the clients of Peace in a Pod go through daily. “We have such a fast paced lifestyles and this class allows your body to completely relax and restore,” Hebb said. “We try to offer a bit of everything here and cater to our students and keep things consistent for them. We have really great instructors which helps too.”

Teaching people how to breathe is important to all forms of yoga, according to Hebb. “One of the main things about yoga is teaching people how to use their breath and help them calm their bodies down,” she said. “Even our kid’s yoga is teaching them how to use their breath as a tool to calm themselves. With this style of yoga we like having it on sunday nights because it is the perfect way to start the week.”

Candlelit Yoga is one of the many classes offered by Peace in a Pod. “We have lots of great workshops coming up and classes for all ages,” Hebb said. “A great thing about our studio is how many more men that are starting to come in. When I first started in March 2015 I only had one men’s class and now we have men coming to a good handful of our classes. They come with their wives and they need it at as well. Everyone is so busy that it’s important to have some down time.”

She added that Peace in a Pod has classes for all levels and 95 percent of the classes offered are beginner friendly.

“It is important for people to try more than one class because sometimes people will try aclass and say they don’t like yoga but you just need to try different things,” Hebb said.

You can check out everything Peace in a Pod has to offer on their facebook page or at