The People’s Party of Canada is holding an Alberta Matters Boat Rally Saturday from 1-4 p.m. from the Sunbreaker Cove boat launch. (Contributed photo)

The People’s Party of Canada is holding an Alberta Matters Boat Rally Saturday from 1-4 p.m. from the Sunbreaker Cove boat launch. (Contributed photo)

People’s Party of Canada to hold meet-and-greet Saturday on Sylvan Lake

Event features three guest speakers

The next People’s Party of Canada candidate for Red Deer-Mountain View feels that fears fanned around the pandemic will bring more supporters to his party.

“There was fear around COVID, fear around being not-vaccinated… I think we just need to get back to community and family,” said Kelly Lorencz, the local candidate running federally for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) party formed by Maxime Bernier in 2018.

The PPC is holding a “fun on the sun” meet-and-greet event Saturday on Sylvan Lake. The aim is to get more people to hear more about the party’s platform, said Lorencz.

“We want to let people know that we’re still here and continue to be.”

The Alberta Matters Boat Rally will be held 1 to 4 p.m. at the Sunbreaker Cove boat launch, on the north side of the lake.

The plan is to gather on the beach, as well as the water for those who own or would like to rent a boat, “and really get to know one another,” say organizers.

There are three guest speakers so far, including Lorencz, who was the PPC candidate in 2019 for Calgary-Nose Hill. The Innisfail-area resident and father of five said he plans top share his thoughts on “bringing common sense policies back to Canada.”

Now that the pandemic is waning, Lorencz, a former veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who works in federal corrections, believes it’s time to really address all the mental health issues that were caused by lockdowns and pandemic restrictions.

Another speaker will be Didsbury resident Paul Mitchell, who was the PPC candidate for Red Deer-Mountain View in the 2019 federal election, and is now working for the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

Wildrose leader Paul Hinman will also be a speaker at this PPC gathering.

Mitchell said the PPC and the Wildrose Independence Party share a lot of common ground, such as concerns about spiralling government deficits and cancelled citizen rights.

A lot of people were shocked that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms “evaporated” when pandemic restrictions were imposed, said Mitchell. “It’s like there were no rights at all, but more like privileges.”

The People’s Party of Canada is a federal political party formed by Bernier, after his resignation from the Conservative Party of Canada. The party has been described as far-right, conservative and libertarian.

Bernier stated his party is “a coalition of people who are disenchanted with traditional politicians.” His platform is described as being based on principles of freedom, responsibility and fairness.

Those interested in attending the rally on the water are welcome to bring their own boats. Participants can also rent a boat from Sun Sport Rentals. “We will be launching from Sunbreaker Cove, free of charge during this event,” say organizers.

Those planning to sit on the beach should bring their own chairs. A corn and hotdog roast will follow from 5 to 8 p.m.

For more information, or to register for this free event, visit

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