Playground Committee prepares for late May bottle drive

Bottle drive organizers looking to "fill a trailer" in support of new playground's construction.

  • May. 25, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Eckville will once again be home to a fundraiser in support of one its most important present local causes the need for finances to build a new playground at Eckville Elementary School.

The Eckville Elementary School Playground Committee plans to host a bottle drive entitled “Stuff a Trailer” on May 26, with the intention of building on several successive months of fruitful fundraisers in honour of the same cause. The premise of the event is simple bring enough bottles to “stuff a trailer.”

“If people want to drop off bottles at the school itself, they are allowed anytime before 1:30 p.m. We’re also going to be setting up at the local grocery store from 2-6 p.m., in the parking lot,” said Board Member Tiphany Eliuk. “It’s really just a bottle dropoff, but the kids are also organizing a lemonade stand, and might be selling ice cream just so they can be a part of it too.”

Eliuk indicated that she thinks it’s an encouraging thing to see, that local youth are showing interested in participating in the fundraising for their new playground.

“People can just drop off any bottles they want or if they want, they can make donations too,” said Eliuk.

The Eckville Elementary School Playground Committee is doing as many fundraisers as they can, so they are able to raise the necessary total of $252,000 for a playground, gathering grant money and money made from various fundraisers.

“We’ve already raised over $10,000 this is the next step. We started fundraising in December, so we’re just doing everything we can,” said Eliuk. “The last bottle drive we did brought in over $600, so we’re hoping we can beat that, this time.”

She added, “After May long, we hope some people can save up a lot of those bottles they’ll have for the drive.”