Construction of the spray park and playground began in June 2021. (Photo/Town of Sylvan Lake)

Construction of the spray park and playground began in June 2021. (Photo/Town of Sylvan Lake)

Pogadl Park in Sylvan Lake sponsorship announced

The Play Zone facility at Pogadl Park in Sylvan Lake has an exclusive sponsor.

The Co-operators (Murdoch D’Mello Insurance & Financial Solutions Inc.) and the Town of Sylvan Lake, announced in December a new ten-year sponsorship deal that will showcase The Co-operators as the exclusive sponsor of the Play Zone facility.

Priscilla D’Mello with Murdoch D’Mello Insurance & Financial Solutions Inc. said that there are numerous reasons why they as a business and members of the community decided to invest in the play zone.

“Where do I start? This town has been long awaiting the spray park. We had a hand in raising funds in the past and thought it was necessary to help this project in its final stages. It’s such a positive initiative for our community and we wanted to see it come together,” she said following the announcement.

“We are honored to have such great local supporters at Co-operators, Murdoch D’Mello Insurance & Financial Solutions Inc. Their generosity and support of initiatives and causes in Sylvan Lake are truly what makes this community special. They’re business owners who give back to Sylvan Lake and have already invested in facilities such as the NexSource Centre with financial support,” said Mayor of Sylvan Lake Megan Hanson.

The agreement features a $70,000 investment, which includes 10-year naming rights of the facility for The Co-operators. The Play Zone is also funded, in part, by the Government of Alberta Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) grant, totaling $271,976 and additional Play Zone development is made possible by the Sylvan Lake Spray Park committee and community donations.

“We want to make a difference, as cheesy as that sounds,” said D’Mello. “We are raising our family in Sylvan Lake and we want to participate where we can. We have two young children, four years old and two years old and we spend a significant amount of time creating memories at various spray parks and playgrounds.

She said that plans include a green space for picnics, hiking paths and a playground built for all ages and especially exciting for her family, the spray park.

“The new playground is incredible and the spray park is exactly what our town needs. These amenities are sure to bring families together. We’re Lakers, we’re all on the same team. We all want the best for our community, families and each other. There is something for everyone in this new space.

“Co-operators Play Zone welcomes everyone. It’s a place where our community can gather. This especially resonates with us during these times when we see an unfortunate division in our community. We want to bridge the gap and bring everyone together.”

The Co-operators Play Zone is tentatively scheduled to open to the public in summer, 2022.