low Yoga Buti is a primal experience

low Yoga Buti is a primal experience

Primal Yoga experience coming to Eckville to serve as local fundraiser

Eckville will be hosting a trendy new type of yoga to help support an important local cause.

  • Apr. 27, 2017 6:00 a.m.

Those looking for a truly primal experience, and to support a good local cause, should check out Glow Yoga Buti, an event coming to Eckville.

Glow Yoga Buti entails a combination of power yoga, and movements inspired by the ancient tribal, in historic eras long gone, that is sure to shake things up. Glow Yoga Buti is all done in the phantasmal setting of a black-lit studio.

The event will be coming to Eckville on May 5, at 7 p.m, in the gymnasium of Eckville Elementary School.

Jodi Oslund, one of the event’s facilitators, noted that Glow Yoga Buti in Eckville won’t be “a business thing,” and that it is entirely in support of a local cause. Eckville Elementary School is raising funds for an upgrade to the school’s playground, and Oslund said she wishes to help with that process, with the event.

“It will be in the elementary school gym, and all the proceeds are being donated to toward the new playground,” said Oslund. “While the Sunday night one in Sylvan Lake is more of a ladies’ night out, this one is all to support an important cause.”

The event will be open to anyone, from teens to adults although Yoga Buti is geared more towards a female audience, generally speaking.

Oslund admitted she doesn’t know what the specific timelines are for the work on the playground, but noted she is “just trying to think up a bunch of ideas. I’ve been doing so many of these events; I thought if I did one locally, putting all the proceeds toward the playground might help.”

The minimum suggested donation for guests is $20, but Oslund said a donation of any size is welcome.

“We’re going to have health-inspired items, and a basket as part of a draw for anyone who comes out,” said Oslund. “It’ll be a two-hour thing. We’re going to glow it up, put on tribal paint and glow sticks.”

Oslund explained what Yoga Buti is, saying, “it’s a trendier type of yoga class, [and it is] very awakening and empowering. The type of movement they do is being done in workshops all over the place. We’re trying to get awareness out for this type of yoga.”

Accoutrements for Glow Yoga Buti include brightly coloured clothes and similarly bright paint which both glow in the black-lit room as well as glow sticks, imparting the vibe of the event being something of a party.

The style of Glow Yoga Buti will be different from what most people are familiar with. Oslund described it as “more of a fusion of power yoga, plyometrics, tribal dance and primal movements.”

“It’s quite different than a regular yoga class,” said Oslund. “This is definitely a very new style of yoga, and I’m pretty passionate about it. It’s had some excellent reviews and a lot of ladies seem to be enjoying themselves.”

Glow Yoga Buti is facilitated through Studio Upstairs. Anyone wishing to participate in the event should consult Studio Upstairs.

“I actually am out of a studio in Eckville, but I team up with Sylvan Lake’s Studio Upstairs. Carol Foy and I occasionally team up to do events in Sylvan,” Oslund noted.

The event is an introductory class, and Oslund said there will be kombucha (a kind of healthy cold tea), and discussion afterwards.

“It’s done to connect and learn a bit more about the practice, because not a lot of people know about it,” said Oslund. “It’s still pretty new. Everyone who has done it, so far, seems to be loving it, and I just wanted to share it with more people, so I started doing these traveling classes.”

Oslund hopes to build enough of a local interest to establish a local “tribe” of regular practitioners of Yoga Buti. She encouraged anyone who wishes to attend to come with an open mind, and a desire to expand their idea of yoga, and also to “come out, connect and have a good time.”