Province’s top baby names of 2014 released

Pop culture seems to have had an influence on Alberta parents last year.

  • Aug. 6, 2015 3:00 p.m.

Pop culture seems to have had an influence on Alberta parents last year, with some of them having named their children after popular television and movie characters.

A report on the top baby names of 2014 released by the province last week showed Liam and Olivia as the top baby names for Alberta boys and girls, respectively.

Other less-traditional names such as Tyrion, Aragon and Olivander were all recorded as names for newborn boys in 2014 — the province suspects after characters in the Game of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, respectively.

Similarly, girls were named Primm, Sookie, Cosette, Wednesday and Khaleesi — unique names that have all featured in television or film.

Thunderboy, Goodness, Huckleberry and Innocent were among some of the other less conventional names for boys; Valkyrie, Meadow, Melon, Disney and Bandit for girls.

Overall, 55,587 babies were born in Alberta last year — 28,440 boys and 27,147 girls. The numbers are in line with what the province calls a “five-year baby boom.”

“Alberta is a vibrant and thriving province with a growing number of young families and an exceptionally bright future,” said Deron Bilous, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Service Alberta. “Our government is working every day to ensure that all parents are able to share the benefits of a prosperous future with their children.”

Around 6,100 distinct names were recorded for boys in 2014. Girls had slightly more at around 7,400.

Olivia remained the top girls name for the second year running, while Liam has now held the number-one spot for boys for the last three years.

Top names for boys in Alberta (2014): 1. Liam; 2. Ethan; 3. Benjamin; 4. William; 5. Logan; 6. Noah; 7. Jacob; 8. Oliver; 9. Lucas; 10. Carter.

Top names for girls in Alberta (2014): 1. Olivia; 2. Emma; 3. Emily; 4. Sophia; 5. Ava; 6. Isabella; 7. Abigail; 8. Ella; 9. Charlotte; 10. Hannah.