Taylor Johnson

Taylor Johnson

RBC’s #Make150Count initiative comes to the Eckville Manor

Fifteen-year-old David Thompson High School student Taylor Johnson brought smiles to the residents of the Eckville Manor.

Fifteen-year-old Eckville resident and David Thompson High School student Taylor Johnson brought smiles to the residents of the Eckville Manor on Monday, January 30.

“Taylor gave us this beautiful basket full of assorted games, crafts and so much that I don’t even know what’s all in it,” Eckville Manor Recreation Director Kelly Judson said. “I am so thrilled this young lady from Eckville considered us, remembered us and thought about us.”

The basket, which included crafts, board games, puzzles, as well as sewing and knitting supplies was purchased by the $150 Johnson received from RBC Royal Banks #Make150Count initiative, which hands out grants to young Canadians to do whatever they want with no strings attached. Johnson was selected after she attended and tweeted out her idea at WE Day in Calgary, which is a youth oriented conference designed to engage and empower the youth of Canada.

“That was the first idea I had when I entered at WE Day in Calgary,” Johnson said. “I tweeted out my idea and then I was chosen in November and now I got the money. When I got the first message saying I won on Twitter, I messaged everyone I know saying ‘Oh my gosh I was chosen!’ I was shocked because there were over 1,000 tweets.”

Judson, and the residents of the Manor, were very grateful Johnson decided to support her community by donating this gift to them especially considering recent circumstances.

“We absolutely need it,” Judson said. “Especially lately since we have had a flu bug, so we have had a lot of in-house cooped up people. This will brighten their day in many ways.”

Johnson decided the Manor was how she wanted to spend the $150 dollars. After having previously volunteered there she noticed the residents often had to go to the Friendship Centre for recreational purposes.

“I volunteered here a few times,” Johnson said. “Last year I worked the volunteer lunch. I really think it’s important because when people visit them, they may want to play a game or something else.”

Judson emphasized how Johnson’s gift will help make the residents of the Manor feel valued.

“Several of our residents don’t have local families,” Judson explained. “This thoughtful gift is going to bring brightness to their days in many ways. It’s going to help people feel treasured and thought about. They will feel loved.”

Johnson intends to continue to support her community by volunteering, something that Judson was pleased to hear.

“It’s really nice to see the younger generation step up and make us feel especially treasured,” Judson said. “The house is always open. We love it when people come in and young people can make a difference to everyone.”