RCMP shut down party in county

RCMP shut down a large outdoor party in Red Deer County.

Saturday, Jan. 19th

1:28 a.m. — RCMP shut down a large outdoor party in Red Deer County. A complainant was passed by two vehicles on Highway 11A traveling at a very high rate of speed and followed them to a large party at the end of Range Road 23. Police were called and they poured out the liquor at the site and a large bonfire was extinguished. A male at the party was also charged with a liquor offence.

2.30 p.m. — An intoxicated male received a surprise when he walked into the wrong residence on 49th Avenue in Sylvan Lake. The male entered into the residence through the front door and the male homeowner jumped on him from behind, crashing him into an end table, and punching him. The intoxicated male ran out the house and down the street. Residents are being asked to keep their doors locked as intoxicated persons have been known to enter into the wrong residence, especially along the lakefront area.

7.30 am. — Police attended the Lost Harbour Inn in Sylvan Lake to offer front desk staff some assistance after a male customer refused to pay his pill. The male was intoxicated but was cooperative with police and agreed to pay his bill, whereby it was discovered that he did not have any working credit or debit cards. He was arrested for breach of the peace and was transported to cells until sober.

10.10 p.m. — A male is facing a charge of assault in connection with a domestic dispute on Fawn Close in Sylvan Lake. A female was attempting to convince her boyfriend not to drive back to their hotel while he was intoxicated. The male had been in a fight earlier with another male and wanted to drive her truck. When she refused and insisted on taking a cab, he punched her several times in the face with a closed fist and punched and kicked her in the groin area. The male returned to the residence a short time later where he was arrested by RCMP.

Sunday, Jan. 20th

3:37 p.m. — RCMP conducted a traffic stop on 50th Street in Sylvan Lake as the vehicle had a snow covered license plate. As a result, a strong smell of marijuana was detected in the vehicle and the male driver admitted to possessing marijuana. He was arrested at the scene and his vehicle was searched whereby a large quantity of marijuana and packing materials were located. The male is now charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.