Science in Motion presents to Steffie students

Students from Ecole Steffie Woima School were lucky enough to experience the wonders of chemistry.

Students from Ecole Steffie Woima School were lucky enough to experience the wonders of chemistry outside of science class.

On May 2, Breanna Jones, Outreach Coordinator for Science in Motion with the Telus World of Science, visited the school to present chemistry experiments. The students learned about many scientific concepts including the pH scale and chemical reactions. The program is a way for the Telus World of Science to bring their exhibits outside of the Edmonton area.

“Science in Motion has been around for 20 years now, and the purpose is to reach rural communities that wouldn’t otherwise get to visit the science centre,” Jones said. “We are basically bringing science to them. What we hope happens is that they will be inspired by science.”

The experiments that Jones presented are designed to delight the senses in order to spark a lifelong love of science.

“All of our demonstrations are big and visual, and we want them to be excited about it maybe even pursue it further,” she explained. “A lot of them say ‘I want to be a scientist’ after, which is great.We hope they are inspired by science and want to learn more about it.”

Jones noted that many of these kids already have a solid background in science including one student who correctly explained what an exothermic reaction is.

“The one kid who said exothermic I was blown away,” she said. “It shows that kids want to learn more, and that is clear when they say words like that.”

Jones is pleased that she is able to bring visuals to science, which allows students to conceptualize their learning.

“It is unfortunate that science is sometimes just a textbook in front of kids, so to bring this is amazing,” she said, adding that the program seems to really get students active and involved.

“I have brought other coworkers who don’t work in the science department on the road with us, and our IT guy described it as ‘the kids have saucers for eyes,’” she said. “They are so enthralled with everything happening up there. It is a great feeling to be part of that.

Jones added “I am really excited to be in Sylvan Lake.”