Thunderstorm forecast for July, 6. Photo Courtesy of The Weather Network

Thunderstorm forecast for July, 6. Photo Courtesy of The Weather Network

Severe thunderstorm watch in place for Sylvan Lake and Eckville

Environment Canada issued the watch Tuesday afternoon.

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued by Environment Canada for the Sylvan Lake and Eckville areas.

The watch was issued around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon as conditions become favourable for a severe thunderstorm to develop throughout the day.

According to Environment Canada, a severe thunderstorm may be capable of producing strong wind gusts, large hail and heavy rain.

“Intense lightning is likely with any thunderstorm that develops,” Environment Canada said in a press release. “Remember, severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes.”

It is expected the thunderstorm will develop as the day progresses, with a higher chance of stormy weather in the evening.

Poor weather will continue into Wednesday as roughly 20 mm of rain is expected.

Environment Canada is reminding locals to take cover when thunder rumbles.

“Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors! If you hear thunder, then lightning is close enough to be dangerous.”

Meteorologists at The Weather Network say a low-pressure system from Montana has triggered this round of potential storms.

The risk for severe thunderstorms stretches from just south of Edmonton to the U.S. border. The closer to the border, and into Saskatchewan, the risk of severe thunderstorms expands into the chance for tornadoes.

Over the last few days Alberta has seen a number of intense storms. To the south, heavy rain and tornado warnings have been issued.

Central Alberta has seen a number of rainy days this summer, with hot and sunny days sprinkled throughout.

The sun is expected to make a return for the weekend, with temperatures reaching 24C.

Environment Canda will continue to monitor the potential storm, and may update the watch to a warning.

Residents are advised to keep an eye on the forecast and the skies.