(File Photo)

(File Photo)

Small bear spotted in Sylvan Lake

Locals are warned to stay vigilant and not to approach the animal if seen around town

The Town has received reports of a small bear sighting in Sylvan Lake the evening of Wed., June 23.

The bear was spotted crossing Memorial Trail near Meadowlands Golf Course and heading north east towards the Vista area, near Ryders Ridge.

Locals who have spotted and reported the animal said it was a cub, but did not report seeing a mother bear nearby.

The Town is working with local game wardens and widlife officials as a precaution.

If spotted, DO NOT APPROACH. Please contact Municipal Enforcement at 403-858-7280.

If you spot a bear stay calm, back up and away slowly and be sure to give it space. When encountering bears in the wild, officials say you need to make sure you are not blocking a bear’s access to its cubs or food.

Wildlife officials say it is important to not stare at the bear if you encounter one in the wild, as it will see that as a challenge.