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Smelly situation: Pet parents reminded to clean up after dogs this spring

Not cleaning up dog waste can cause both health and environmental problems
Four-legged friends roam free with furry friends at the off-leash dog park in Sylvan Lake. (File photo)

Floral scents aren’t the only aromas in the air this spring.

As warmer temperatures arise, Sylvan Lake dog owners are facing a doggie doo dilemma, with the town receiving some formal complaints.

While these complaints are generally minimal, Parks Manager Lee Furlotte says springtime is a particularly bad time for hound hygiene.

“Spring would by far be the worst (season) as it appears that dog owners are less likely to pick up dog poop when there is snow on the ground and temperatures are cold. When spring arrives, and the snow starts to melt, and the amount of poop mines tend to increase,” Furlotte said in a statement to Sylvan Lake News.

In addition to the unpleasant smell, not cleaning up dog waste comes with both health and environmental risks.

Human diseases from bacteria and parasites can be transmitted by dog feces, according to the Canadian Public Health Association. E. Coli, Roundworm and Tapeworms transmission are among some of the risks of dog waste.

The town’s sign campaign, “there is no poop fairy, please pick up after your pet,” is aimed at reminding pet parents to clean up after their furry friends. The signs and decals are placed throughout park spaces, on posts and on walkways throughout Sylvan Lake. Additionally, the dog park has signage to educate users on the rules and courtesies of the park.