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Speeding on Sylvan Lake street has turned it into a ‘raceway’

Residents on Herder Drive say the speeding on the street is out of hand and is a safety concern
Ed Pelletier crosses the street on Herder Drive. Pelletier says the speeding on the connector street is out of control, and worries someone will get hurt if action isn’t taken. (Photo by Megan Roth/Sylvan Lake News)

“It is a raceway, the Herder Drive Raceway,” says Belinda Skidmore.

Many residents, like Skidmore and her neighbour Ed Pelletier, are concerned with the rampant speeding on the major connector road.

Skidmore and Pelletier says many of those who use the street are travelling well above the prescribed speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour.

Skidmore says the lack of stop signs along the street makes it so someone driving can speed along from 47 Aveenue to the lights at Hwy. 20.

The lack of stop signs only encourages drivers to speed without any mind of other vehicles on the street or pedestrians, Pelletier says.

“I have seen so many close calls and accidents. I even saved one girls life from someone speeding down the street and not slowing down,” Pelletier said.

He continued to describe accidents he was witnessed while living at the intersection of Herder Drive and Harrison Road. He says we once saw an accidents that launched a parked vehicle across someone’s lawn due to the speed the drive was going.

“It is a safety concern,” he said.

Recently residents at the intersection received a letter from the town which states a no parking zone will be created in and around the intersection at Herder Drive and Harrison Road.

The absence of vehicles in that area is expected to increase sightlines and create a safer atmosphere for pedestrians.

A review of the intersection was done by Municipal Enforcement and Public Works.

“The review of the intersection has determined that the absence of parking in the close proximity to the intersection will increase the sightlines for vehicle drivers and pedestrians, therefore increasing the safety of the intersection,” the letter reads.

Skidmore says sightlines are not the main concern, it is the speed these drivers are travelling at.

“What is going to happen wen you take away the cars? They are going to be able to go faster without any concern of hitting something,” she said.

“They barely slow down now for pedestrians, what will stop them when it is wide open?”

Pelletier says the answer to the speeding problem isn’t removing parking.

“What we need first is stop signs Then we need to lower the speed limit here to 30 [kilometre an hour]. Then we need increase patrol by officers. The parking isn’t really a factor,” Pelletier said.

Joanne Bjornson recommends residents who are experiencing traffic or speeding concerns to report the matter.

“Our recommendation to all residents experiencing speeding/traffic concerns of this nature, is to report to our Municipal Enforcement Department so that they can increase their presence in the area – or, as always, please forward concerns, for our record and follow up, to,” Bjornson said in an email.

Skidmore says is something doesn’t change on Herder Drive someone is going to get seriously hurt.

“Taking away parking won’t solve the problem, it is only going to make it worse,” Skidmore said.

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