Street cleaning begins the start of May

Street cleaning begins the start of May

The Town of Sylvan Lake plans to have all roads swept up

The snow is gone, in most places, leaving behind gravel, dirt and other sediment.

To combat the mess left behind from a long winter, the Town of Sylvan Lake has scheduled street cleaning to begin.

Starting May 1, street cleaning will be in affect. The Town plans to have all boulevards, medians, public sidewalks, lawn edges and paved roads swept up.

There will be “no parking” signs displayed 24 hours in advance of street cleaning operations.

The “no parking” restrictions will be in effect for 24-72 hours after the sign has been placed.

The following roads are scheduled for street sweeping on Tuesday, May 1st, should conditions remain favourable:

• Sylvan Drive

• Whitecap Close

• Lakeview Crescent

• Parkland Drive

• Northstar Drive

• Garden Court

• Aspen Drive

• Cottonwood Drive

• Cottonwood Court

• Westview Drive

• Mountain Place

• Meadowview Close

The Town website will be updated with street cleaning plans as they change.