Survey to gauge residents’ further education interests

Sylvan Lake residents are being asked to provide input on continuing education courses they’d like to see offered in town.

Sylvan Lake residents are being asked to provide input on continuing education courses they’d like to see offered in town.

Through a survey being circulated by Sylvan Lake and Area Community Partners Association, on behalf of Henday Association for Lifelong Learning, they may indicate which courses, if offered locally, would interest them.

“The Henday Association wants to bring more continuing education courses into the Sylvan Lake area so that people won’t have to travel to Red Deer to get these courses,” said Jennifer Lemega of Sylvan Lake Community Partners. “It’s a totally anonymous survey, it doesn’t ask your name or anything like that.”

The survey is available in two different formats — one for community residents, and one for employers.

Questions on the resident survey seek find out respondents’ education level, whether they are currently employed or enrolled in an education program, educational goals and desired programs.

“It’s what type of courses the residents themselves want to see brought into Sylvan Lake to further their job opportunities,” said Lemega.

Respondents may indicate their desire to see courses offered in business administration, health services, hotel and tourism management and graphic design, among other areas.

On the employer survey, questions revolve around employee training and education, anticipated employee turnover, and staff hiring requirements.

Both surveys are in multiple choice format, and are available online and in print.

Lemega said Community Partners won’t necessarily be involved with the outcome of the surveys. Instead, the organization is simply facilitating them for Henday Association, which is based in Innisfail.

“Because they don’t have the manpower to get out there, and since we’re here, they asked us to hand out the surveys for them.”

Both surveys may be accessed at by clicking the ‘what we do’ tab. The surveys may also be filled out and submitted in person at the Community Partners office, Sylvan Lake town hall, tourist information booth and community centre.

The surveys aren’t aimed at one particular demographic, according to Lemega, and may be completed by people of all ages and at various stages of their careers and educational pursuits.

“Everybody should have a word in what educational courses are available here,” she said. “It would be so good if people could take these here.”

For further information contact Community Partners at 403-887-9989. Deadline for completing the survey is the end of August.