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Sylvan Lake adopts new fire and fireworks bylaws

The change in the bylaw is to reflect the new National Fire Code 2019-Alberta Edition

The Town of Sylvan Lake has adopted new Fire and Fireworks Bylaws.

Council approved the second and third readings of both bylaws at the Nov. 12 meeting of Council, as presented by Sylvan Lake Fire Chief Cliff Brausen.

The main changes to the fire bylaw is to remove the section on fireworks, and make that into its own bylaw, as well as putting in provisions for the fire pits at the pier and in the future Pogadl Park.

Brausen first brought the new bylaw to Council during an October meeting.

He said the updated bylaw is due to a change in provincial and federal standards.

“There is a new fire code, and to meet that we had to redo the fire bylaw,” Brasuen said.

Under the new Fire Bylaw, those looking to use a fire pit at the pier or in a public green space in town, must first submit an application at least one week prior to intended use. The application is also subject to a fee of $100.

A separate fireworks bylaw became a requirement when the National Fire Code 2019-Alberta Edition made it legal for the sale and use of fireworks in the province.

This change took place in April of this year.

Municipalities who wished to restrict the use of fireworks within town limits needed a separate bylaw stating the requirements of the municipality.

The new fireworks bylaw bans the use of consumer fireworks, also known as low level fireworks.

Display, or high level fireworks, such as those seen on Canada Day, are allowed provided proper permits and licenses are obtained first.

Under this bylaw, Brasuen says the use of sparklers is still permitted.