Construction taking place in the Willow Springs subdivision. (Photo by Michaela Ludwig)

Construction taking place in the Willow Springs subdivision. (Photo by Michaela Ludwig)

Sylvan Lake construction on track

With several construction projects going on around town, Sylvan Lake’s manager of engineering services, Eric Boudreau, said everything is on track.

“Overall, we do have a fair bit still ongoing throughout town,” he said. “But everything is on par and we’re looking good to have everything done that needs to be done.”

There will be some projects that carry over into 2023, but Boudreau said that’s all part of the project plan.

In the Willow Springs subdivision, there is currently a road rehabilitation project going on that has the road and sidewalks torn up. Debbie Heistad, who has elderly parents in that neighbourhood, had concerns about people being able to get in and out.

“They’re having people park far away and walking in,” Heistad explained. “I’m concerned for my parents and there’s a lot of elderly people in that area.”

Heistad, who lives in Innisfail, said her parents’ neighbour will walk down to get their car and bring it up for them, so they don’t have to attempt the walk.

“It doesn’t make sense, how it’s torn up in a residential area like it is,” she said. “They’re doing wonderful work, but people can’t get in and out of their driveways.”

Boudreau said the road rehabilitation project was a necessary one, as the road had reached the end of its lifecycle and there was a lot of deterioration. He said he hopes the construction there will be wrapped up by the beginning of October.

“As with any project we do in town, we are always open to talking to the community and making adjustments if we need to,” Boudreau said. “We don’t want to make things any more difficult than they need to be.” Boudreau said the department takes the information and concerns they gather during the project and they learn from it to try and make the next project go smoother.

If residents have a concern about construction going on in town, Boudreau said to be sure and reach out.

“We do have multiple platforms for people to go through if they have concerns,” he said. “My name and contact information are on the website. There’s also an online portal for any issue with the town and it will be sent to the right person.”

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