Sylvan Lake RCMP search for carjacking suspect

Sylvan Lake RCMP search for carjacking suspect

The theft and assault on Hwy 11 is not related to the STARS call Monday night, RCMP say

Sylvan Lake RCMP are investigating a carjacking which occurred Monday night on Hwy. 11.

RCMP say they are looking for the suspect who assaulted the victim and took their, fleeing from the scene of the crime.

The incident occurred around 9 p.m. on Aug 17, on Highway 11, between 781 and 20. The victim was physically assaulted by the suspect but no gun shots were reported.

St. Sgt. Jeff McBeth says the Sylvan Lake RCMP have no reports of shots being fired during any incident Monday night.

He continued to say the call to STARS Monday night was not related to the carjacking.

“I am aware of the strong public interest that is associated to this event last night. However, I can say that there was no danger to the public at any point during this investigation,” said McBeth in an email.

STARS was called to Sylvan Lake to help emergency services with a person who was in medical distress. The medical issue was not related to any crime, according to McBeth.