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Sylvan Lake to receive new fire engine

While Sylvan Lake is getting a new fire engine it may not arrive until 2026
File photo. (Photo by Myra Nicks/Sylvan Lake News)

Sylvan Lake is getting a new fire engine, but it may not arrive until 2026.

Council approved the fire engine as part of the Capital budget process at the Regular Meeting of Council on Dec. 12, 2022.

It is part of the Town’s long-term budget planning, with the new fire engine expected to be ready in approximately 28-36 months.

“It keeps our life-saving equipment first class and ready to serve,” said Parks and Protective Services Director Ron Lebsack in a statement to Sylvan Lake News.

“These new units benefit our community by ensuring new equipment and technology is able to serve Sylvan Lakers at a time of need, especially in life-saving situations,” he said.

The Town currently has three engines in its fleet.

The fleet includes a wide variety of equipment, such as a tower truck, rescue boat, rescue truck and two squad trucks.

One Sylvan Lake fire engine has reached its 20-year life expectancy, meaning a new one is needed.

“These units need to be replaced every 20 years to ensure safety of the units and the users,” said Lebsack.

The fire engine is to be purchased from Commercial Emergency Equipment Co. in Calgary for an amount of $1, 162, 245 or less, excluding GST.

Council also made a budget adjustment of $260,000 to Engine Replacement (CP2303) with funds from the Mobile Equipment Reserve upon the arrival of the unit, if needed.

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