Jordan Sinclair (Submitted Photo)

Sylvan Lake’s Municipal Councillor candidate Jordan Sinclair

Individuals can cast their votes on October 18

A Sylvan Lake resident and financial director by profession, Jordan Sinclair is running for the position of a councillor for next term. Sinclair said that he will endeavour to serve and advance the community of Sylvan Lake by focusing on its existing and potential strengths.

“Service is in my heart,” said Sinclair, adding, “We need to do all that we can to make sure that Sylvan Lake continues to be a great place to live, and that we make good decisions going forward.”

Sinclair, who has been a long-time central Alberta resident joined the community of Sylvan Lake in 2012, instantly falling in love with what it had to offer. “We fell in love with the community, loving everything about it. It’s just a great community where everybody seems to care about their neighbours,” Sinclair said.

Continuing this norm of generosity in Sylvan Lake, Sinclair soon got involved with several local initiatives to give back to the community.

He joined the Rotary Club to fundraise in support of the lighthouse project at the Marina. Sinclair also hopped on board with the successful 2014 Kraft Hockeyville effort filling many roles, focusing on fundraising.

Continuing to make use of his financial background, Sinclair also served as the fundraising coordinator for Sylvan Lake’s popular summer BMX/family/music festival, Shake the Lake. He has also proven to be a community builder by founding and administering several successful local social media groups and pages.

Sinclair also served on the municipal planning commission for over four years, first, as a board member and then as the chairman from 2013 to 2017.

Sinclair feels the need to strive to keep a lid on taxation and utility costs. He added, “I have a solid financial background. I understand credit and the cost of credit. We need to ensure we are making good financial decisions so taxes and utilities are affordable.”

He added, “We have an infrastructure deficit, many of our roadways are in need of repair. We need to make better use of the lakefront park. We must make sure we are maximizing every square foot that we have there.”