Sylvan Lake’s visitor pay parking goes into effect soon

Sylvan Lake’s visitor pay parking goes into effect soon

Visitor Pay Parking is in effect in the downtown area from May 15 to Sept. 15

Sylvan Lake is gearing up for another busy tourist season, and that means visitor pay parking will soon begin.

Pay parking is in effect in Sylvan Lake everyday from May 15 to Sept. 15. Visitors to Sylvan Lake pay $2 per hour, $10 per day, or have the option of purchasing a seasonal pass for $126.50.

Residents of Sylvan Lake can register their vehicle online for free to avoid paying when heading to the beach with their family.

Each household can register up to four vehicles. Those who registered their vehicles in 2018 do not have to register them again this year, unless they have moved or bought a new vehicle.

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The only change to the 2019 pay parking season is the addition of a new resident-only parking area.

The area north of 33 Street has been included as resident-only parking at the request of those living in the area.

According to a report to Council in November 2019, residents in that area find it difficult to navigate the streets and find parking near their homes due to an increase in visitor parking, specifically in July and August.

Town administration told Council some residents found visitors were parking on their lawns or in the ditches in the area.

Both residents and visitors are reminded that on-street parking is limited to three hours. This is to ensure businesses in the downtown area have parking for customers throughout the day.

There are three free parking lots downtown, as well as the three pay parking lots along Lakeshore Drive.

This is the third year for paid visitor parking in Sylvan Lake. In 2018, the program brought in $248,382 in revenue.

July and August are the busiest months, according to the revenue generated per month.

More information about the paid parking program can be found on the Town’s website,