Sylvan Lake resident announces nomination for Council

Sylvan Lake resident announces nomination for Council

Tim Mearns officially announced his candidacy on Facebook, Aug. 28

Sylvan Lake local Tim Mearns is looking for support in his campaign for Town Council.

Mearns, who has lived in Sylvan Lake for 25 years, says the town needs momentum to move forward and grow.

The idea of momentum is driving his campaign for councillor.

“Momentum is simply an object possessing a direction and a magnitude,” Mearns described in his official announcement to run, which was posted to Facebook on Aug. 28.

Mearns believes for the town to continue to be the vibrant lakeside town as described in the Sylvan Lake vision statement, momentum is needed.

In the vision statement for Sylvan Lake it says the town “values efficient, inclusive and transparent government.”

Mearns agrees with this and says it is a part of who he is.

“As part of who I am, I value open and honest communication,” Mearns said.

Mearns says he has watched the town grow in the 25 years he has been a member of this community.

When he moved here in 1992 the population was a little more then 4,000. Since then it has grown to roughly 15,000 people.

“In this time Sylvan Lake has experienced some growing pains, but as we look at our great community, it has been rewarding,“ said Mearns.

It is Mearns belief that as a councillor it will be part of his role to not only support local businesses, but to encourage new opportunities.

“We need to build our community and partnerships to promote Sylvan Lake as being Brilliant All Year!”

Mearns calls this town “great” and looks forward to the opportunity to be a voice to it people.

He says he will be attending many functions and events around town up to the election on Oct. 16, and looks forward to speaking to anyone about his campaign and “insights on the momentum of Sylvan Lake.”

“I want to thank both the past and current leadership for their time, energy and vision for Sylvan Lake,” said Mearns.

Nominations for town council and mayor are still open. Candidate forms will be accepted at the Municipal Government Building form 8-12 p.m. on Sept. 18.

The Municipal election is held on Oct. 16 across the province.