STUNNING PERFORMANCE - Manitoba based band

STUNNING PERFORMANCE - Manitoba based band

The Color perform sold out show at Gospel Chapel in Sylvan Lake

Manitoba based band, The Color, performed a sold out show for 300 listeners in Sylvan Lake on Monday evening

Canadian faith based musicians The Color performed for a sold out crowd of around 300 people at the Gospel Chapel in Sylvan Lake on Monday evening.

The musicians treated the audience to a high energy electric show that had the audience singing, clapping and dancing along. Currently The Color is on a country wide tour which began in Ochre River, Manitoba. The band travelled through Saskatchewan before heading to Calgary, Vancouver and Sylvan Lake.

Lead singer for The Color, Jordan Janzen, stated it’s not just music, lights, or concerts for the Canadian band who is based out of Manitoba.

“It was 2012 when we officially formed The Color,” explained Janzen. “We were almost done the recording process had been trying to pick a band name. My mom had said to us, ‘You can call yourselves anything you could call yourselves The Color Orange if you wanted to.’Eventually it stuck and we shortened it to just The Color.”

Guitarist for The Color, James Shiels added, “Color brings life and that’s what we want our music to do. We want it to be more than just entertain, we want it to bring life.”

The band’s music is largely faith based with the musicians explaining their religion has been a big part of their lives from young ages.

“Our lives have been really transformed through our faith. To be able to share that with our listeners is such a huge part of what we want to do with our music,” said Janzen.

The Color recently finished recording their latest studio album in January during a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. The album is set to be released this spring.