The role Of AACS in Sylvan Lake and Central Alberta

The role Of AACS in Sylvan Lake and Central Alberta

The Urgent Care Committee is reminding the public of the purpose of AACS

The Urgent Care Committee is reminding residents in Central Alberta that the Advanced Ambulatory Care Service is for unexpected, non-life threatening injuries.

The Advanced Ambulatory Care Service (AACS) opened on June 4 to serve those in the local area who may be experiencing non-life threatening injuries.

The service is provided for people who are suffering unexpected injuries or illnesses such as ear aches, fractures and broken legs.

“If you think you are experiencing a stroke or heart attack you should phone 911 and go to the nearest emerge hospital, not the AACS,” Susan Samson, chair of the Urgent Care Committee said.

According to Samson, there has been some confusion in the community as to the purpose of the AACS and the hours open.

Because the new service provides health care not just for Sylvan Lake, but for visitors and surrounding communities including Eckville and Benalto as well, Samson says it is important to know the details.

The opening of the care service was also to alleviate some of the stress placed on the Red Deer emergency room due to the great number of people seeking aid for non-life threatening injuries. This issue is compounded by the large number of people in the Red Deer area without family doctors.

“The idea behind the AACS,” Samson said, “was to not plug up expensive triage emergency rooms that are dealing with life threatening events with crying babies with earaches.”

Currently, the Red Deer emergency room treats a great variety of illnesses and injuries, many non-life threatening.

“You end up with the really ill mixed with just not feeling good today,” Samson added.

The AACS is staffed by nurses and doctors with access to a lab and x-ray facilities in order to treat non-life threatening injuries and illnesses.

Located in the Sylvan Lake Community Health Centre (4602-49 Ave., Sylvan Lake), the AACS is open seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.