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Things back to normal at Fox Run after second bomb threat

Officials with the Chinook’s Edge School Division say that things are back to a regular routine at Ecole Fox Run School after two bomb threats in just two days.

For the second straight day, the school faced a bomb threat in the early afternoon of Feb. 8.

The school had also been evacuated on the morning of Feb. 7 after a threat.

“I’ve been at Fox Run all afternoon just checking in on the staff, and seeing how the students are doing. They’ve had an excellent day today,” said Kurt Sacher, superintendent of schools for Chinook’s Edge.

“Last night, we were reassured by the police that everything is safe and secure. Whenever there is a threat of any kind, the police (will) determine if there are safety concerns. When they say ‘evacuate’, we evacuate; when they say it’s not okay to go back in the building, we do not go back into the building,” he explained.

“But after they had left last night, they said that everything was safe. So the staff came back in and allowed the kids and their families to get their belongings and everything. That went very well, and today, we were advised that it was all good to go,” he said.

“It’s also my understanding that the RCMP have some strong leads and are getting to the bottom of it,” he added. “We’ve also done some things on our end to reduce the likelihood of any kind of disruption today (Feb. 9), and so it does seem to be working out well. We are expected to be operational next week.”

Sacher noted that there are no classes on Friday, Feb. 10 due to a professional learning day for all staff.

“We have every confidence that we will be fully safe and ready to go on Monday (Feb. 13).”

RCMP are continuing to investigate.