Mayor Megan Hanson (front) with councillors, from left, Tim Mearns, Jas Payne, Kjeryn Dakin, Kendall Kloss, Teresa Rilling and Graham Parsons. (File photo)

Mayor Megan Hanson (front) with councillors, from left, Tim Mearns, Jas Payne, Kjeryn Dakin, Kendall Kloss, Teresa Rilling and Graham Parsons. (File photo)

Town council revisits bylaw to offer additional burial solutions

Highlights from May 9 regular meeting of council

Sylvan Lake town council proclaimed the month of May as Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month during the May 9 regular meeting of council.

“Many people seek sun without taking the advisable precautionary measures and are unaware that any darkening of skin colour, including a tan, is indicative of UV (ultraviolet radiation) damage,” said Mayor Megan Hanson. Skin cancers are highly treatable when detected early.

Council also proclaimed the week of May 9 to May 13 as Economic Development Week. Economic developers support the expansion of careers and opportunities to improve the quality of life.

The week of May 15 to May 21 was proclaimed as National Public Works Week recognizing the contributions made by the public works department in ensuring maintenance of good health, safety, and quality of life for the community.

Corporate services

Council granted first reading of the Fees and Charges Bylaw 1860/2022.

Council rescinded motion 47-02-22 regarding the offer to purchase the property at 4908 50 Ave. at a price of $380,000.00 plus GST.


Council extended the completion date for capital project CP1901 Highway 20/Memorial Trail Intersection Upgrades to December 31, 2028.

Projects CP2023 60 Street/Memorial Trail Intersection Upgrades and CP1902 Memorial Trail 60 Street West Upgrades were moved to year “X” in the 10 year capital plan and will be evaluated annually during budget deliberations.

Council accepted the following reports as information:

First Quarter Financial Reports for the period ending March 31, 2022

2022 First Quarter Recreation, Culture and Tourism Report

Q1 2022 Project Status Reports

Planning and Development

Council approved the street name “Crockett Road” as submitted by the developer within the Crestview neighbourhood.

With individuals of Cree origin being Sylvan Lake’s early settlers, Coun. Jas Payne suggested that Indigenous names also be considered while naming streets in the future.

Council granted first reading to the Cemeteries Bylaw 1859/2022. This year the Lakeview Cemetery will complete 101 years of existence. With the cemetery reaching its capacity, additional solutions for burials are required in the West Meadows Cemetery.

Popularity for cremation has been increasing annually, with approximately 95 per cent of burials in town being a form of cremation burial. To address this significant number, last year the town began construction of the first phase of the Memorial Gardens located in the West Meadows Cemetery.

Amendments to the bylaw are required to address the new services which include a scattering garden and a memorial wall. Further added to the bylaw are options for memorial trees and memorial benches.

Council approved the closure of Lakeshore Drive from 50 Street to 46 Street, from June 21 to Sept. 5. The Temporary Sidewalk Café Program for the 2022 season will also be implemented.

Council amended and approved the budget allocation of $15,000 to $18,500 for the road closure program from the 2022 operating budget. Any extra funds will be used for recreation, culture, and tourism to program the space.

Public Works

The street maintenance contract for Wildrose Drive and Willow Springs Crescent was awarded to Border Paving Ltd. of Red Deer for $1,084,814. The company also received a contract for the modernisation of 50A Avenue from 50 Street to 51 Street for $899,800.67, not including contingency and GST.

Council accepted the public works projects timeline adjustments report as information.

Council approved funding for the 50A Avenue modernization by allocating:

$300,000 from CP2207

$100,000 from CP2038 water infrastructure maintenance

$100,000 from CP2020 sewer infrastructure maintenance

$80,873.33 from CP1703 50A street modernization

Council also approved funding for the Wildrose Drive and Willow Springs Crescent road rehabilitation by allocating $800,000 from CP2025 road rehabilitation program, $200,000 from CP2038 water infrastructure maintenance and $200,000 from CP2020 sewer infrastructure maintenance.