Eckville Town Office (File photo)

Eckville Town Office (File photo)

Town of Eckville issues fire ban

The fire ban was made effective on May 5 and will continue to be in place until further notice

The Town of Eckville issued a fire ban on May 5 due to the extremely hot and dry conditions.

Fire permits or fireworks permits will no longer be issued until the fire ban is lifted.

The fire ban states:

  • No outdoor burning is permitted under this ban.
  • Any outdoor fires, including campfires, or burning pits within the Town of Eckville must be extinguished immediately.
  • The ignition of all outdoor fires within the boundaries of the Town of Eckville is prohibited.

The fire ban doesn’t apply to:

  • Fires which are contained within cooking or heating appliances, and which are fueled by fluids, gases, charcoal briquettes, or wood pellets.
  • Propane fueled fire pits.

Members of the public should always make sure all fires are completely extinguished before leaving them unattended and make sure to dispose of cigarette buts responsibly, the Town of Eckville said.

The fire ban will be in effect until further notice.



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