Town reminds Sylvan Lake residents to report concerns seen in the parks

Town reminds Sylvan Lake residents to report concerns seen in the parks

The Town says it’s working hard to upkeep the parks in town, specifically around the lake.

The Town of Sylvan Lake is asking residents to reach out if they see something in the parks that needs attention.

The Town says it is working hard to upkeep and maintain the parks in town, specifically the parks surrounding the lake.

Every year the Town receives numerous comments and complaints regarding the maintenance of lakefront parks, according to a recent press release from the Town.

Concerns, questions or insights can be sent to the Town through

“When you report a concern, or forward a question, we are able to create and maintain a record, which helps us identify opportunities for improvement. We can even follow up with you, directly, if you wish,” the press release states.

The Sylvan Lake Parks Department manages and maintains 23 playgrounds, 278 acres of manicured public green space within 75 parks, and over 27.5 KM of trail.

However, in the summer months the most talked about areas in town are those surrounding the lake.

The Aug. 2 press release from the Town of Sylvan Lake states the upkeep and general maintenance of all the parks, including those along the lake, are important.

“We all value a clean, cared for green space, and keeping our lakefront spotless is challenging when one considers we welcome an additional +760,000 visitors every summer (up to 40,000 on the lakefront daily during busy weekends),” the Town’s 2014 Tourism Economic Impact study states.

To maintain the Town’s standard, Sylvan Lake employs seasonal staff for the Parks Department.

This year the Town reportedly hired 34 summer staff for various roles connected to parks maintenance.

According to the Town, the number of summer hires this year is greater than the previous. In 2017 the Town hired 29 seasonal staff to the Parks Department.

The seasonal staff work in a number of different roles including: landscaping, parks operations, sports fields, turf and projects.

“We are continually striving to improve and meet public expectations,” the press release states.

The staff at the Parks Department also do not take weekends off. At least eight staff members work between the hours of 6 a.m. and 12 a.m. each weekend, according to the Town. During long weekends and special events, staffing is expanded to attempt to balance the surge of guests.

“Our weekend crews patrol the waterfront to ensure a safe, well maintained, and welcoming space for all to enjoy; however, on a busy weekend, a waste bin can easily fill up within only 30 minutes, and a fully stocked washroom can run out of supplies equally as fast,” the Town says.