Two local cadets earn big recognition for accomplishments

Alex Goulet and AJ Sandulac receive awards for their numerous accomplishments.

AWARD - PO Alex Goulet proudly displays the David Charles Proudler Award.                                PHOTO SUBMITTED

AWARD - PO Alex Goulet proudly displays the David Charles Proudler Award. PHOTO SUBMITTED

Two local sea cadets have gotten much deserved recognition for their accomplishments in the community, serving with the 126 Red Deer Sea Cadets.

Petty Officer [PO] Alex Goulet and Leading Seaman [LS] AJ Sandulac have both been awarded the David Charles Proudler Award and the Bruce Field Memorial Award respectively, for the many ways they help out in the community and serve as ambassadors for the cadets.

Both cadets were recognized for their accomplishments at an annual review ceremony on June 10, and presented with plaques and trophies.

“Alex has been with the cadets for a number of years – he is actually going to be aging out next year,” said Cinzia Cappela, a civilian instructor [CI] with the sea cadets. “Most cadets can go into the reserves after that. Alex earned the award, because he took his time and did a lot to help the new cadets, and to help with stuff that was happening in general with the cadets.”

Cappela said the award Goulet received is presented to the most improved cadet of the year, adding “we have seen immense growth in him as a cadet, since back in September.”

Cappela indicated Goulet is the kind of person with whom you can be “guaranteed a positive attitude, good sense of humour and excellent work ethic,” when working with them.

“He has become much more comfortable working with his peers, taking on a leadership role when there is a need to get something done, whether it’s moving the sailboats or setting up on Thursday – Alex is the person we can count on. This cadet is well on the way to living up to all of his potential.”

Cappela noted another reason Goulet earned his award is the fact that he possesses a positive outlook that earned him a distinction among his fellow cadets.

“He’s always helping the younger kids all the time with a good sense of humor. He’s patient and definitely kind to everyone he meets,” said Cappela. “Even when he’s having a bad day, he’ll find something funny – he does a lot to help the new ones feel more comfortable.”

Sandulac earned the Bruce Field Memorial Award – which recognizes excellent quality in citizenship and community service – for his willingness to give himself to a cause, “whether it be to cadets, or any other clubs or groups they are part of,” said Cappela, alluding to remarks made by Sandulac’s own officers.

Cappela said the second year cadet, a student who will be starting at H.J. Cody School next year, “can be always seen out in the community – he is one of the busiest people I know. He is at every fundraiser.”

Sandulac is so devoted to helping out, Cappela noted, he often misses events he helps to raise funds for and make possible, so he can volunteer other places where his help is needed – and appreciated.

“We never worry about when this cadet goes out in public. He is always dressed in uniform and always presents himself in a very good light for everyone to see,” said Cappela. “In turn, [he] brings pride to the corps, the community, his family and himself.”

In addition to the many volunteering duties Sandulac takes on, Cappela said he often participates in senior activities in Sylvan Lake, and teaches mixed martial arts classes – suffice to say, he keeps a busy schedule.