Two-part business licensing in place for cannabis retail in Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake Town Council passed second and third reading of the amended Business Licensing Bylaw

FCM Photo

FCM Photo

The Town of Sylvan Lake has passed an amendment to the Business Licensing Bylaw to the upcoming legalization of cannabis.

The amended bylaw specifically addresses future cannabis retail stores by creating a two-part licensing system.

The two part system includes an administrative license and an operational license, which will be only be issued after a provincial cannabis retail store license has been granted from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC).

“The two-part licensing process protects the interests of the municipality in that it ensures no cannabis retail sales business operates within the community without first receiving provincial approval – a process that includes a rigorous background check,” said Ken Kalrai, director of planning and development.

The administrative licence has a one-time fee of $850. This fee will only expire when the business changes hands.

The operational license has an annual fee of $150, and expires every year on Dec. 31.

“The additional fee is associated with the increase in the amount of work required by administration to process the license,” explained Kalrai.

To ensure businesses are not operating without the operational license, a fine of $2,500 will be levied per each day without the license.

The motion passed for the second and third reading of the bylaw unanimously at Monday night’s council meeting.