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Unexpected illness caused delay to Sylvan Lake sisters’ operation

Lexie Libby was originally scheduled to receive a kidney from her sister Emma in late January

An unexpected illness caused a delay in a long awaited surgery for a Sylvan Lake resident.

Lexie Libby was scheduled to receive a kidney from her sister Emma at the end of January, but an unexpected infection caused the operation date to be pushed back until the spring.

The delay has been understandably upsetting for Lexie, and for the entire family.

Alger Libby, father to Lexie and Emma, said the sudden illness caused Lexie to seclude herself a bit, so that when the time comes for the new operation date she won’t be ill.

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A new date for the operation has not yet been confirmed, but the family has been told it could be late March or early April before they are able to get into the operation room.

Lexie has lived with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), an autoimmune disease that attacks the kidneys since she was four-years-old.

Roughly eight years ago she was told a kidney transplant would be needed, and it would be ideal if it came from a family member, as there would be less of a chance for the kidney to be rejected.

Many family members tried to donate, though none made it passed the first test; blood pressure.

Emma worked in secret to change much of her life in order to be cleared to donate one of her kidneys to her sister.

After the surgery and the healing process, both Lexie and Emma hope to return to school and finish their education.

A Go Fund Me campaign has been set up for the sisters, in the hopes the money raised can help reduce the stress that is likely to come following the operation.

As of March 1, the Go Fund Me campaign had raised nearly $6,000, almost $1,000 more than the original goal.

“It’s been very comforting to our family that so many people care so much. We take heart from this,” Alger Libby said in an email.