Update on ongoing construction on 48 Avenue

Update on ongoing construction on 48 Avenue

The Town of Sylvan Lake gave an update on construction progress, Oct. 26

The Town of Sylvan Lake gave an update on the 48 Avenue Redevelopment project, including what should be completed over the next couple of weeks.

The project, and subsequent road closure, have been “very challenging”, according to a press release issued by the Town. This is largely due to “unforeseen ground conditions” while finishing the underground infrastructure.

The weather over the past few months, particularly the wind storms that have buffeted the area, have caused delays in the project. In particular, Fortis claims material shortages due to the weather over the summer and autumn months.

“BPL and our subcontractors are working towards completing as much of the project in 2017 as possible,” the press release reads.

The Town hopes to have the following completed over the next few weeks, weather permitting:

Fortis and their contractors burying the power lines and installing new decorative street lighting;

New Traffic Lights installed at 50 Street and 48 Avenue;

All road surfaces paved with a bottom lift and fully open before the end of the construction season;

Concrete curbs and driveways completed; and

Topsoil and fine grade where concrete is complete.

“We continue to work towards completion until the snow falls and stays permanently on the ground.”

There will be some parts of the project that will not be completed until next year. The Town expects the following to be delaying until 2018:

The raised intersection at 48 Street, and some of the sidewalks;

Sod, which we will place in spring 2018, as available.

The construction area is expected to be quite busy over the next few weeks as construction crews work to finish as much of the project as possible before the snow comes around to stay.

The Town of Sylvan Lake requests that alternate routes continue to be used during this time.


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