Laura Lauder is running for a council position in the upcoming municipal election. Submitted photo

Volunteer, commitee member, and community local Laura Lauder is running for council

Laura Lauder is running for a council position in the upcoming municipal election

As the upcoming municipal election is approaching people are putting their names forward to run for both council and mayoral positions.

Laura Lauder decided to run for council this year because she wanted to be more involved in what was going on with the community.

“I have been volunteering for more than 20 years on committees and such in the community, and I want to be more involved and running for council was the perfect opportunity to do that.”

The past experience from volunteering will also be helpful, said Lauder.

“The ability to communicate and work with other people is important since council is not a one-person situation and everyone has to work together to make decisions and I have the ability to do that.”

People have been really supportive during the process so far, said Lauder.

“Everybody I talk to has supported me or encouraged me. I’ve been around the current town council many times and five of them have actually reached out to me and supported me.”

People can find out more about Lauder by viewing her Facebook page ‘Laura Lauder for Town Council, Sylvan Lake’ or by talking to her in person.

“My main purpose for being a part of this year’s election is so that I can do my part to make the community of Sylvan Lake the best that it can be.”