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UPDATE: Parts of Sylvan Lake under boil water advisory

Town staff are working to repair the break in the Sixty West area

UPDATE 2: The boil water advisory is still in effect, but the Town has identified the specific area affected.

The most recent update from the Town of Sylvan Lake identifies as those living in the area west of 50 Street and south of 48 Avenue are affected by the advisory.

Crews will be flushing the hydrants over the next 4-5 hours, according to the Town.

Residents in the affected area are reminded to not use hot water until the issue is fixed.

UPDATE: The Town of Sylvan Lake has issued an boil water advisory for residents west of 50 Street, following a water main break earlier Thursday morning.

Town staff are currently determining which residents in the area are affected by the boil water advisory.

While under a boil water advisory, residents asked to not use tap water for drinking or preparing food.

Alberta Health also says not to use tap water in home filtration filters, as they are not able to safely treat contaimnated water.

Residents are advised tap water can be used for laundry and cleanding surfaces that don’t come in contact with food. If using a dishwasher, residents are asked to use either a high heet setting or sanitize cycle.

More information about how to use water safely during a boil water advisory can be found at: myhealth.alberta.ca/Alberta/Pages/Boil-water-advisory-how-to-use-water-safely.aspx

ORIGINAL: Crews are responding to a water main break in the Sixty West area of Sylvan Lake.

The break is causing low to no water pressure to homes located east and west of 60 street. Public Works crews are on-site to review and repair the damage as soon as possible.

What Should I do?

– Please do not run your hot water taps until further notice

– Residents may notice cloudy water during this time

– We will make an announcement as soon as it is safe to run your hot water taps

If you have any questions, please call Public Works at 403 887 2800.

More to come.