Work continues to fix water line leak

Public Works intends to excavate to find the source of a water line leak near 50th Street.

  • May. 11, 2017 12:00 p.m.

The efforts to rectify a water main leak near the downtown part of Sylvan Lake continue. After a great deal of testing and digging and some slightly convoluted traffic in the area of the school during peak hours –Public Works staff have made progress in identifying the source of the leak.

During the CAO report to Council, at its regular meeting on May 8, Public Works Director David Brand provided an update on the work being done to locate a water line leak near 50St.

Brand reported that Public Works had been working to install a line-stop and a bypass line to redirect flow of water through the line, so that work can be done to excavate and find the source of the leak, and make sure that the main line is functioning as intended.

“Once we have the bypass line hooked up and are sure the line-stop works as intended, we can commence excavation to identify the source of the leak and perform repairs,” said Brand, on Monday. “Overall, it’s going relatively well, other than it’s going slower than expected, particularly because of coring.

“It’s tough we had to change core bits, and based on what we’re seeing there, it looks to be in relatively good condition,” he said.

Brand noted that Public Works remains hopeful that the leak is near a part of the line called a flange connection that has separated, “but we won’t know until we depressurize that line that connects to it.”

Coun. Chris Lust asked Brand if they had any general idea of where the leak was located at Monday’s meeting, also asking if they have to keep digging until they find it. Brand confirmed that such a course of action was what they needed to do, adding “for lack of scientific terms, that is the process.”

“Essentially, based on the sheer volume of the water, we expect that it is leaking at the flange that is just outside of the highest pressure point of this line,” said Brand.

Brand noted that if the leak is where Public Works thinks it is, the fix will take about two to three days to complete.