An open letter from concerned Alberta doctors

An open letter from concerned Alberta doctors

To Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health and Jason Kenny, Premier of Alberta

Dear Minister of Health, Premier and leaders of the Government of Alberta,

We are the frontline doctors serving patients across the province of Alberta in this unprecedented time. The proposed changes that will be initiated April 1, 2020 are detrimental to our patients and the health care system. Now is not the time to restructure the system that we understand and intrinsically know how to operate. COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire in this province. We are a strong and trusted team who require necessary resources to help us put out this fire.

We oppose this government’s implementation of harmful actions targeted towards our public health care system. These actions will destabilize an already stressed health care system during this uncertain time. We are essential responders that cannot be replaced; our crisis training will serve Albertans during this pandemic. Doctors cannot afford any distractions during this time where we are counted on to perform to the best of our capabilities.

Now is not the time for Albertans

Albertans are overwhelmed by the physical, emotional and financial issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. All Albertans are dealing with profound changes that are beyond their control. An abrupt pause to the proposed health care changes must occur immediately to avoid burdening and negatively impacting our Albertan patients in crisis.

Now is not the time for restructuring our Health care System

In these uncertain times, there is an ever-growing demand put on Provincial leaders. Both government and medical professionals provide essential services and our citizens look to us for stability in a world of ambiguity. As such, now is not the time to implement changes that will negatively impact the province’s ability to deliver accessible care under our already existing and exceptional health care system.

Now is not the time to under-resource physicians

These are unprecedented times that require extraordinary support and flexibility for clinical care. Physicians and medical support staff are performing beyond their means and are doing so with fewer resources. More than 400 community clinics across this province are either closing or laying off staff. This will overburden and overwhelm community and inpatient physicians to provide services that put patients first. Virtual options for providing care must be made more readily available and require compensation equivalent to an in-office visit, thereby allowing for crucial time needed to reassure and address our patients’ mounting critical needs. We must have the necessary resources for these clinics caring for Albertans.

Once the essential health issues of Albertans during the COVID-19 pandemic are addressed, we are committed to ensuring the stability and financial feasibility of our health care system today and in the future. Until then, our immediate need from the Government for stability, support, and resources is vital if we are to put out these wildfires for Albertans.

Your immediate response is critical during this exceptional, historic and life-altering period.

With Sincerity,

Some of the concerned physicians of Alberta:

Dr. Aaron Pink MD

Dr. Abdelbaset Elsawiniya MD

Dr. Abdelmagid Al-Shibani MD

Dr. Adam Kulaga MD

Dr. Adam Nielsen MD

Dr. Adeb Zayani MD

Dr. Adel Belhaj MD

Dr. Adeola Lemboye MD

Dr. Adil Vasanji MD

Dr. Adrienne Lee MD

Dr. Afia Siddique MD

Dr. Agnes Thompson MD

Dr. Ahmed Abughalwa MD

Dr. Ahmed Abuhelala MD

Dr. Ahmed Awad MD

Dr. Ahmed Emsalem MD

Dr. Aimee Phillpot MD

Dr. Aisha Mirza MD

Dr. Akolisa Anyaduba MD

Dr. Akrem Alatrash MD

Dr. Alanna Achen MD

Dr. Alexa Bertagnolli-Hansen MD

Dr. Alexander Joseph Fay MD

Dr. Alexandra Karen Seal Grant MD

Dr. Alexei Khair MD

Dr. Ali Suleiman MD

Dr. Alice Bailey MD

Dr. Alice Bedard MD

Dr. Alicia Mason MD

Dr. Alisha Rai MD

Dr. Alison Kabaroff MD

Dr. Allison Kirkham MD

Dr. Allison Theman MD

Dr. Alyzée Sibtain MD

Dr. Amanda Ho MD

Dr. Amandy Cheung MD

Dr. Amanpreet Dhaliwal MD

Dr. Amber Jorgensen MD

Dr. Amber Reichert MD

Dr. Ambreen Tayyab MD

Dr. Ameeta Singh MD

Dr. Amer Zabalawi MD

Dr. Amritpaul Lali MD

Dr. Amy Chow MD

Dr. Amy Hegstrom MD

Dr. Amy Tan MD

Dr. Amy Wong MD

Dr. Andre Isaac MD

Dr. Andrea Estey MD

Dr. Andrea Opgenorth MD

Dr. Andrea Ramsay MD

Dr. Andrea Tamm MD

Dr. Andrea Todd MD

Dr. Andrea Wensel MD

Dr. Andrei Fagarasanu MD

Dr. Andrew Andrawes MD

Dr. Andrew Barker MD

Dr. Andrew Chung MD

Dr. Andrew Jackson MD

Dr. Andrew Stagg MD

Dr. Angela Antoniuk MD

Dr. Angela Lau MD

Dr. Angela Naismith MD

Dr. Angela Ochs MD

Dr. Angie Karlos MD

Dr. Anil Kurian MD

Dr. Anita Dey MD

Dr. Anjali Rehill MD

Dr. Ankit Vakil MD

Dr. Ann Lee MD

Dr. Ann Marie Elizabeth Long MD

Dr. Anna Purdy MD

Dr. Anna Rogers MD

Dr. Anna Tomanek MD

Dr. Annalee Coakley MD

Dr. Anne Roggensack MD

Dr. Annelies Noordman MD

Dr. Annette Begalke MD

Dr. Anthrony Lynch MD

Dr. Aporna Kali MD

Dr. Appolinaire Katumba MD

Dr. April Tozer MD

Dr. Aref Yeung MD

Dr. Ariane Fielding MD

Dr. Asad Mir MD

Dr. Aseel Hamad MD

Dr. Aseem Bishnoi MD

Dr. Ashraf Shibany MD

Dr. Ashwani Singh MD

Dr. Asim Raja MD

Dr. Asra Segok MD

Dr. Astrid McLean MD

Dr. Atul Khullar MD

Dr. Aymen Franka MD

Dr. Bailey Adams MD

Dr. Barbara Fischer MD

Dr. Beatrice du Prey MD

Dr. Beatrice duPrey MD

Dr. Bernard Nwaka MD

Dr. Bertus Badenhorst MD

Dr. Bhavlene Panesar MD

Dr. Brad Unryn MD

Dr. Bradley Greig MD

Dr. Branden Ayotte MD

Dr. Brenda Nakashima MD

Dr. Brendan Diederichs MD

Dr. Brendan Vaughan MD

Dr. Brent Crawford MD

Dr. Brent Hanasyk MD

Dr. Brian Dembinski MD

Dr. Brian Rowe MD

Dr. Brianne Hudson MD

Dr. Brianne Tetz MD

Dr. Brittnee Kegler MD

Dr. Bruce Benson MD

Dr. Bruce Ramsey MD

Dr. Bruce Wright MD

Dr. Bryan Frobb MD

Dr. Caeley Lorincz MD

Dr. Cameron MacGougan MD

Dr. Candice Knoechel MD

Dr. Candy Marcet MD

Dr. Cara Robertson MD

Dr. Carmen Guenther MD

Dr. Carola Starke MD

Dr. Caroline Le Jour MD

Dr. Caroline Spiers MD

Dr. Caroline Turner MD

Dr. Carrie Abrahamson MD

Dr. Catherine Arkell MD

Dr. Catherine Chu MD

Dr. Catherine Peters MD

Dr. Cathryn Kuzyk MD

Dr. Cecile Henderson MD

Dr. Chantal Barry MD

Dr. Charles Metcalfe MD

Dr. Charles Samuels MD

Dr. Charley Boyd MD

Dr. Charlotte Haig MD

Dr. Charmaine Gill MD

Dr. Chauntille Munchinsky MD

Dr. Chelsea Smithbower MD

Dr. Cheryl Mather MD

Dr. Chris Beavington MD

Dr. Chris Keeling MD

Dr. Christa Desrochers MD

Dr. Christa McPherson MD

Dr. Christie Ma MD

Dr. Christin Hilbert MD

Dr. Christina Kerr MD

Dr. Christina Walton MD

Dr. Christine Froelich MD

Dr. Christine Gibson MD

Dr. Christine Kang MD

Dr. Christine Renz MD

Dr. Christopher Barnsdale MD

Dr. Christopher Joseph Rudnisky MD

Dr. Christopher Koo MD

Dr. Christopher Morse MD

Dr. Christopher Paul Venner MD

Dr. Christy MacAulay MD

Dr. Cian Hackett MD

Dr. Ciaran Twomey MD

Dr. Cindy KAM MD

Dr. Cindy Kao MD

Dr. Cindy Lee MD

Dr. Claire Barber MD

Dr. Claire Gibson MD

Dr. Clara Cho MD

Dr. Clarence Giang MD

Dr. Clinton Chow MD

Dr. Colin Holmes MD

Dr. Colleen Kjelland MD

Dr. Colleen Sweeney MD

Dr. Connie Ellis MD

Dr. Cornelis Claasen MD

Dr. Craig Buchholz MD

Dr. Curt Pitter MD

Dr. Cynthia Baxter MD

Dr. Cynthia Kwong MD

Dr. Cynthia Landy MD

Dr. Daisy Fung MD

Dr. Dan Hodges MD

Dr. Daniel Barer MD

Dr. Daniel Sawler MD

Dr. Daniel Shafran MD

Dr. Daniel Zimmerman MD

Dr. Danny Chao MD

Dr. Danny Luigi Filaferro MD

Dr. Darcie Gellner MD

Dr. Darren Gray MD

Dr. Darren Markland MD

Dr. Darren Neilson MD

Dr. Darren Nichols MD

Dr. David Foster MD

Dr. David Hoshizaki MD

Dr. David Jones MD

Dr. David Lechelt MD

Dr. David Moores MD

Dr. David Motiuk MD

Dr. David Ryan MD

Dr. David Woodruff MD

Dr. Debbie Millard MD

Dr. Debra Putnam MD

Dr. Deepak Mirok MD

Dr. Deidre Young MD

Dr. Dena Stockburger MD

Dr. Derek Borowka MD

Dr. Derick Rautenbach MD

Dr. Diana Cunningham MD

Dr. Diana Czechowsky MD

Dr. Diana Grainger MD

Dr. Diana Hong MD

Dr. Diana Rucker MD

Dr. Dianna Wang MD

Dr. Dianne Fang MD

Dr. Dianne Schuldhaus MD

Dr. Dilini Vethanayagam MD

Dr. Dina Radinskaia MD


Dr. Donald Nixon MD

Dr. Donald Wilson MD

Dr. Donna Manca MD

Dr. Doris Li MD

Dr. Doug Klein MD

Dr. Douglas Hamilton MD

Dr. Douglas Spaner MD

Dr. E. Anne Fanning MD

Dr. Eadaoin Aine Ni Choileain MD

Dr. Eduard Eksteen MD

Dr. Edward Berdusco MD

Dr. Edwin Bolster MD

Dr. Ehab Eljorani MD

Dr. Eileen Estrabillo MD

Dr. Elias Soumbasis MD

Dr. Elizabeth McKoen MD

Dr. elizabeth McLeman MD

Dr. Ellen Boyd MD

Dr. Elysia Ma MD

Dr. Emad Mitry MD

Dr. Emadalden ALSHIGAGI MD

Dr. Emily Almaden-Camacho MD

Dr. Emily Devereaux MD

Dr. Erica Dance MD

Dr. Erica Paras MD

Dr. Erik Stilling MD

Dr. Erika Fridfinnson MD

Dr. Erika Hunting MD

Dr. Erin Appleton MD

Dr. Erin Bruce MD

Dr. Erin Chapman MD

Dr. Erin Girard MD

Dr. Erin Kelly MD

Dr. Erin Nicholls MD

Dr. Errol RAFF MD

Dr. Essam Elbeshti MD

Dr. Estie van der Merwe MD

Dr. Fadel Eledrisi MD

Dr. Farahdiba Zaidi MD

Dr. Fareeha Nasir MD

Dr. Farhan Khan MD

Dr. Farooq Iqbal MD

Dr. Fathi Hashem MD

Dr. Fawzi Fetouri MD

Dr. Faye Sirianni MD

Dr. Feras Bentaleb MD

Dr. Ferdinand Ollewagen MD

Dr. Fiona Mattatall MD

Dr. Fizza Rafiq MD

Dr. Flora Aladi MD

Dr. Florence Cheng MD

Dr. Fotini Kavadas MD

Dr. Fouzia Sarwar MD

Dr. Francine Barnard MD

Dr. Francois Grimbeek MD

Dr. Fraser Brenneis MD

Dr. Freda Lo MD

Dr. Gaganjot Sandhu MD

Dr. Gail Lam MD

Dr. Gary Butler MD

Dr. Gary Samycia MD

Dr. Gene Vitug MD

Dr. Genelle Dingeldein MD

Dr. George Goldsand MD

Dr. George Lo MD

Dr. Gerhard van der Westhuizen MD

Dr. Gerry van Rensburg MD

Dr. Ghalib Ahmed MD

Dr. Gift Kariko MD

Dr. Gita Ersh MD

Dr. Gita Kruger MD

Dr. Glenda Schoombee MD

Dr. Gloria Juliana Rey Parra MD

Dr. Gordon Mazurek MD

Dr. Grace Perry MD

Dr. Gregory Oman MD

Dr. Gregory Sawisky MD

Dr. Gregory Smith MD

Dr. Gurpreet Rakhra MD

Dr. Gustavo Nogareda MD

Dr. Hafeez Kurji MD

Dr. Hajira Danial MD

Dr. Hamza Alqaser MD

Dr. Hannah Park MD

Dr. Hans Friesinger MD

Dr. Hargunbir Toor MD

Dr. Harshi Mathur MD

Dr. Hasam Alhajimhmed MD

Dr. Haseebullah Zamani MD

Dr. Hassan Elgrigni MD

Dr. Hazem Shoblak MD

Dr. Heather Burnett MD

Dr. Heather Gooden MD

Dr. Heather La Borde MD

Dr. Heather Taylor MD

Dr. Heidi Von Engelbrechten MD

Dr. Helen Akosile-Xulu MD

Dr. Hilary Kornder MD

Dr. Hisham Ibrahim MD

Dr. Holly Zulyniak MD

Dr. Hussein Taeeb MD

Dr. Ibrahim Alfalah MD

Dr. Ibrahim BADER MD

Dr. Ibrahim Shebani MD

Dr. Ieleen Taylor MD

Dr. Imran Sumar MD

Dr. Ingrid Kristensen MD

Dr. Ioana Solomon MD

Dr. Jaclyn Mann MD

Dr. Jacqueline Kassam MD

Dr. Jadah Johnson MD

Dr. Jaelene Mannerfeldt MD

Dr. Jagdeep Badhesha MD

Dr. Jaggi Rao MD

Dr. Jake Hayward MD

Dr. Jaklin Ibrahim MD

Dr. James Pattison-Bacon MD

Dr. Jan Bosman Lombaard MD

Dr. Jan McPhee MD

Dr. Jane Polley MD

Dr. Jane Schulz MD

Dr. Janet Wright MD

Dr. Janeva Kircher MD

Dr. Janice Richman-Eisenstat MD

Dr. Janine Karpakis MD

Dr. Jason Voldeng MD

Dr. Jason Weatherald MD

Dr. Jaspreet Khangura MD

Dr. Jeanelle Sabourin MD

Dr. Jeanine Jensen MD

Dr. Jeffrey Anderson MD

Dr. Jeffrey Ma MD

Dr. Jeffrey Mulder MD

Dr. Jennifer Andruchow MD

Dr. Jennifer Assh MD

Dr. Jennifer Corrales MD

Dr. Jennifer deBruyn MD

Dr. Jennifer Grossman MD

Dr. Jennifer Guillemaud MD

Dr. Jennifer Hodges MD

Dr. Jennifer Landero MD

Dr. Jennifer Nicol MD

Dr. Jennifer Obst MD

Dr. Jennifer Parker MD

Dr. Jennifer Pritchard MD

Dr. Jennifer Rebecca Minsos MD

Dr. Jennifer Riess MD

Dr. Jennifer Swainson MD

Dr. Jennifer Tupper MD

Dr. Jensen Lau MD

Dr. Jessica Kirkwood MD

Dr. Jessica Muggli MD

Dr. Jill Sherley MD

Dr. Jillian Colbert MD

Dr. Joan Lopatka MD

Dr. Joan Stilling MD

Dr. Joanna Claire Nomathemba Mundell MD

Dr. Joanna Wojcik

Dr. Joanne Baergen MD

Dr. Joanne Tseng MD

Dr. Jodie Clark MD

Dr. Johann van der Merwe MD

Dr. Johanna Festen MD

Dr. Johanna Macdonell MD

Dr. Johannes Cornelis Van Heerde MD

Dr. John Julyan-Gudgeon MD

Dr. Jon Hilner MD

Dr. Jonathan Chow MD

Dr. Jonathan Dornian MD

Dr. Jonathan Wong MD

Dr. Jonathan Zaozirny MD

Dr. Jordan Li MD

Dr. Joseph Abraham MD

Dr. Joshua Fanaeian MD

Dr. Josias Badenhorst MD

Dr. Judith Paget MD

Dr. Julia Drager MD

Dr. Julia Lin MD

Dr. Julie Seymour MD

Dr. Julie Torrie MD

Dr. Juliet Fairfax MD

Dr. Justin Chin MD

Dr. Justin Chun MD

Dr. Kaili Hoffart MD

Dr. kamal abduelmula MD

Dr. Kamal Daniel MD

Dr. Kara Nerenberg MD

Dr. Karen Badenhorst MD

Dr. Karen Fordham MD

Dr. Karen Robertson MD

Dr. Karen Tanguay MD

Dr. Karenn Chan MD

Dr. Karl Ayton MD

Dr. Karla Florencio MD

Dr. Karr-Hong Lee MD

Dr. Kate Overbo MD

Dr. Kate Skolnik MD

Dr. Katherine Atchison MD

Dr. Katherine Bisby MD

Dr. Katherine Kasha MD

Dr. Katherine Li MD

Dr. Katherine Malczyk MD

Dr. katherine smith MD

Dr. Kathleen Collinson MD

Dr. Kathleen Game MD

Dr. Kathryn Anderson MD

Dr. Kathryn Ann Fitch MD

Dr. Katrina Kelly MD

Dr. Katrina Nicholson MD

Dr. Katrina Sawatsky MD

Dr. Kechi Ozoka MD

Dr. Kelli Thomas MD

Dr. Kelly MacGregor MD

Dr. Kelsey Roelofs MD

Dr. Kelsey Rutten MD

Dr. Kendra Lamb MD

Dr. Kermun Sihota MD

Dr. Kerri Johnstone MD

Dr. Kesa Robinson MD

Dr. Khalid Hasan MD

Dr. Khalid Musa MD

Dr. Khatereh Mojtahedi MD

Dr. Kim Derouin MD

Dr. Kimberly Chapman MD

Dr. Kimberly Dary MD

Dr. Kimberly Dykin MD

Dr. Kiran Dhillon MD

Dr. kishwar jamal MD

Dr. Kitty Chan MD

Dr. Krista Piebiak Patterson MD

Dr. Kristen Rylance MD

Dr. Kristen Simone MD

Dr. Kristina Moore MD

Dr. Krystina Kiefer MD

Dr. Krystyn Popowycz MD

Dr. Kumudika DeSilva MD

Dr. Lady Jane Padilla MD

Dr. Lakshmi Puttagunta MD

Dr. Lana Stromberg MD

Dr. Lana Wicentovich MD

Dr. Larissa Irene Seredycz MD

Dr. Latisha Hewton-Backfat MD

Dr. Laura Coughlan MD

Dr. Laura Lassila MD

Dr. Laura Matemisz MD

Dr. Laura-Lea McKay MD

Dr. Lauralee Dukeshire MD

Dr. Lauren Bolster MD

Dr. Lauren Eastman MD

Dr. Lauren Robinson MD

Dr. Laurie Litwinson MD

Dr. Lawrence Ko MD

Dr. Layton Burkart MD

Dr. Leah Dettman MD

Dr. Leneela Sharma MD

Dr. Lenni Joan Folden MD

Dr. Leroy Pienaar MD

Dr. Liana Hwang MD

Dr. Lilly Miedzinski MD

Dr. Lindsay Hubenig MD

Dr. Lindsay Kennedy MD

Dr. Lindsay Nanninga-Penner MD

Dr. Lisa Evered MD

Dr. Liza Noonan MD

Dr. lora ligate MD

Dr. Loree larratt MD

Dr. Loretta Roberts MD

Dr. Louis Francescutti MD

Dr. Louis Kolman MD

Dr. Lujein Alahmed MD

Dr. Lynn Jacoby MD

Dr. Lynn Peterson MD

Dr. Lynora Saxinger MD

Dr. madeleine meiring MD

Dr. Madison Young MD

Dr. Magali Benard MD

Dr. Magda Orzylowski MD

Dr. Mahamed Bulk MD

Dr. Mahmod Mohamed MD

Dr. Mai Tran MD

Dr. Malgorzata Ejsmont MD

Dr. Malik Imtiaz MD

Dr. Man Cho Ng MD

Dr. Manisha Subedi MD

Dr. Manisha Witmans MD

Dr. Marc Curial MD

Dr. Marc Defoe MD

Dr. Marc-André Albert Filion MD

Dr. Margaret fogl MD

Dr. Margery Comeau MD

Dr. Maria Oliva MD

Dr. Maria Venter MD

Dr. Marielle Pratt MD

Dr. Mariko Shibata-Stamm MD

Dr. Marilyn Zeman MD

Dr. Marina Skulsky MD

Dr. Mark Belletrutti MD

Dr. Mark Horne MD

Dr. Marsha Quartero MD

Dr. Marta Broniewska MD

Dr. Marta Fragoeiro MD

Dr. Marta Garcia da Conceicao Fragoeiro MD

Dr. Marta Kozlowska MD

Dr. Marthinus Pretorius MD

Dr. Martin Giuffre MD

Dr. Martin Harvey MD

Dr. Martin Vetter MD

Dr. Marvin Bailey MD

Dr. Marwan Khalif MD

Dr. Mary Chisholm MD

Dr. Masoud Gaas MD

Dr. Matthew Chen MD

Dr. Matthew Johnston MD

Dr. Matthew Tennant MD

Dr. Mazen Dakhel MD

Dr. Meenakshi Nanda MD

Dr. Megan Hayter MD

Dr. Megan Lalonde MD

Dr. Megan Ruth MD

Dr. Meghan Elkink MD

Dr. Meghan Elliott MD

Dr. Melanie Boroja MD

Dr. Melanie Marsh-Joyal MD

Dr. Melanie Young MD

Dr. Melissa Fyhn MD

Dr. Melissa Kotkas MD

Dr. Melissa Lacoursiere MD

Dr. Mette Hoegh-Petersen MD

Dr. Meyer Schoeman MD

Dr. Michael Szava-Kovats MD

Dr. Michel Boulander MD

Dr. michel sauve MD

Dr. Michele Ramien MD

Dr. Michelle Bischoff MD

Dr. Michelle Hokanson MD

Dr. Michelle Jung MD

Dr. Michelle Paradis MD

Dr. Michelle Theam MD

Dr. Michelle Warren MD

Dr. Mikayla Brenneis MD

Dr. Milli Gupta MD

Dr. Mina Derakhshan MD

Dr. Minaa Amin MD

Dr. Miriam Berchuk MD

Dr. Mobina Chaudhry MD

Dr. Mohamad Albrbar MD

Dr. Mohamed Diyaeb MD

Dr. Mohamed ElMahgiub MD

Dr. Mohamed Elmusharaf MD

Dr. Mohamed Hassan MD

Dr. Mohamed Swenia MD

Dr. Monika Khullar MD

Dr. Morné Odendaal MD

Dr. Morteza Zahmatkesh Shahrestani MD

Dr. Mossab Taghedi MD

Dr. Moutazbellah Raoubi MD

Dr. msod triki MD

Dr. Muadh Abounaja MD

Dr. Muba Taher MD

Dr. Muhammad Raza MD

Dr. Mukarram Zaidi MD

Dr. Mustafa Mami MD

Dr. Nader Attalla MD

Dr. Nadia DuToit MD

Dr. Nadia Luca MD

Dr. Najat Abuderbala MD

Dr. Naji Saleh MD

Dr. Nan Yang MD

Dr. Nao Kawamura MD

Dr. Naomi Fridhandler MD

Dr. Nargis Karamdad MD

Dr. Narpinder Hans MD

Dr. Nasim Arruj MD

Dr. Natalia Rydz MD

Dr. Natalie Rezansoff MD

Dr. Natashka Pollock MD

Dr. Naureen Wasey MD

Dr. Nav Rattan MD

Dr. Neeja Bakshi MD

Dr. Neha Chadha MD

Dr. Neil Pandya MD

Dr. Nelini Reddy MD

Dr. Ni Lam MD

Dr. Nicol Basson MD

Dr. Nicola Watkins MD

Dr. Nicole LaBrie MD

Dr. Nicole Mensik MD

Dr. Nicole Yam MD

Dr. Nida Basit MD

Dr. Nikhil Kembhavi MD

Dr. Nischea Sihota MD

Dr. Noella Lee Pong MD

Dr. Noelle O’Riordan MD

Dr. Noemi Simpson MD

Dr. Nomiki Trouli MD

Dr. Norah McKay MD

Dr. Norman Yee MD

Dr. Olga Tourin MD

Dr. Olga Ziouzina MD

Dr. Olivia Lee MD

Dr. Olubukola Maxwell MD

Dr. Olukayode Fawole MD

Dr. Pablo Amigo MD

Dr. Padraic McCombe MD

Dr. Paolo Raggi MD

Dr. paramvinder singh MD

Dr. Parker Vandermeer MD

Dr. Patricia Belda MD

Dr. Patricia Lee MD

Dr. Patricia Sigurdson MD

Dr. Patrick Linehan MD

Dr. Paul Anthony Tiley Marner MD

Dr. Paul Henning MD

Dr. Paul Lalli MD

Dr. Paul Parks MD

Dr. Paul Soper MD

Dr. Paulette Comeau MD

Dr. Pauline Alakija MD

Dr. Pauline Head MD

Dr. Peter Bouch MD

Dr. Peter Colbert MD

Dr. Peter Mah MD

Dr. Phil Vogel MD

Dr. Philip Aaron Pink MD

Dr. Phillip van der Merwe MD

Dr. Phu Vu MD

Dr. Pierre-Charles Gretillat MD

Dr. Pieter Kruger MD

Dr. Poulami Banerjee MD

Dr. Pradeep Wadhwa MD

Dr. Praveen Jain MD

Dr. Preet Pal Singh Sekhon MD

Dr. Priya Govender MD

Dr. Qaiser Rizvi MD

Dr. Rabiya Jalil MD

Dr. Rachel Ann Schachar MD

Dr. Rachel Han MD

Dr. Rachel Masha Maurice MD

Dr. Rachelle Westover MD

Dr. Raghu Muneppa Dandugula MD

Dr. Rakesh Patel MD

Dr. Rami Abu-Zeidan MD

Dr. Ranbir Gill MD

Dr. Rania Hanna MD

Dr. Rannie Tao MD

Dr. Raphael Mtshali MD

Dr. Rashid Malik MD

Dr. Ray Zho MD

Dr. Rebecca Charbonneau MD

Dr. Rebecca Saunders MD

Dr. Rebecca Wiens MD

Dr. Rebeccah Rosenblum MD

Dr. Reena Suri MD

Dr. Reggie Wawrinchuk MD

Dr. Rehan Riyaz MD

Dr. Rehana Chatur MD

Dr. Rekha Soni MD

Dr. Remo DiPalma MD

Dr. Renee Farrell MD

Dr. Rhea Varughese MD

Dr. Rhett Taylor MD

Dr. Richard Hanelt MD

Dr. Richard Ibach MD

Dr. Richard Sultanian MD

Dr. Rida Musbah MD

Dr. Rieza Zara MD

Dr. Rizwan Somani MD

Dr. Robert Cohen MD

Dr. Robyn Grobler MD

Dr. Robyn Hutchings MD

Dr. Rodel Cenabre MD

Dr. Ron Damant MD

Dr. Ronagh Hatcher MD

Dr. Rosalyn McAuley MD

Dr. Ruben Hansen MD

Dr. Ruchika Swaro MD

Dr. Ryan O’Malley MD

Dr. Ryan White MD

Dr. Saad Yasin MD

Dr. Saadia Qaiser MD

Dr. Sadia Nakhuda MD

Dr. Sadia Shakil MD

Dr. Saif Hamdi MD

Dr. Sajid Azam MD

Dr. Salem Tomi MD

Dr. Sally Talbot-jones MD

Dr. Salma Murji MD

Dr. Sam Stetsko MD

Dr. Samee Altayeb MD

Dr. Sameena Bajwa MD

Dr. Samira Rashid MD

Dr. Samuel deWalle MD

Dr. Sana Haq MD

Dr. Sandra Lahey MD

Dr. Sandy Dong MD

Dr. Sandy Murray MD

Dr. Sanja Kostov MD

Dr. Sara Binder MD

Dr. Sara McKinnon MD

Dr. Sarah Glaze MD

Dr. Sarah Jo MD

Dr. Sarah Meleshko MD

Dr. Sarah Roshko MD

Dr. Sarah Smith MD

Dr. Saumya Selvaraj MD

Dr. Savraj Bhangra MD

Dr. Scott Maclean MD

Dr. Sean Chapman MD

Dr. Seema Bhanji MD

Dr. Serena Mar MD

Dr. Seyedeh Zahra Mirkarimi MD

Dr. Shabbir Hassan MD

Dr. Shafeena Premji MD

Dr. Shaheen Raza MD

Dr. Shahid Khan MD

Dr. Shahneela Memon MD

Dr. Shahzeer Karmali MD

Dr. Shane Hoeber MD

Dr. Shannon Otsuka MD

Dr. Sharlene hudson MD

Dr. Shawna Lamond MD

Dr. Shawna Pandya MD

Dr. Shazma Mithani MD

Dr. Shazna Abdulati MD

Dr. Sheela Vijay MD

Dr. Sheila Caddy MD

Dr. Sheila Eleason MD

Dr. Sheila Ung-Datta MD

Dr. Shelly Bhayana MD

Dr. Sheri Klassen MD

Dr. Shirley Hovan MD

Dr. Shirline Chia MD

Dr. Sholeh Dezfuli MD

Dr. Shona MacLachlan MD

Dr. Siew-Wan Tan MD

Dr. Simon Lam MD

Dr. Simone Lebeuf MD

Dr. Sinead Cooney MD

Dr. Sing-Chi Lam MD

Dr. Sita Gourishankar MD

Dr. Sonja Metcalfe MD

Dr. Sonnie Oyama MD

Dr. Sopheap Ou MD

Dr. Stella Ogunsona MD

Dr. Stephanie Frigon MD

Dr. Stephanie Hart MD

Dr. Stephanie Kerwin MD

Dr. Stephanie Mullin MD

Dr. Stephen Phillips MD

Dr. Stephen Swainson MD

Dr. Stephen Yam MD

Dr. Steven Fisher MD

Dr. Stevi Golden-Plotnik MD

Dr. Sudhakar Sivapalan MD

Dr. Sue Reid MD

Dr. Sumathili Sundararajan MD

Dr. Sunil Sookram MD

Dr. Suriya Kabir MD

Dr. Susan Campbell MD

Dr. Susan Dixon MD

Dr. Susan Konynenbelt MD

Dr. Susan Low MD

Dr. Suzanne Black MD

Dr. Suzanne Squires MD

Dr. Sylvia Mousa MD

Dr. Tammy Bach MD

Dr. Tammy Nighswander MD

Dr. Tannis Spencer MD

Dr. Tanya Ruman MD

Dr. Tanzela Shahzad MD

Dr. Tara Kaman MD

Dr. Tara McGrath MD

Dr. Taryn Brown MD

Dr. Tasneem Sajwani MD

Dr. Tehseen Ladha MD

Dr. Terry DeFreitas MD

Dr. Tessa Penrod MD

Dr. Theneshkumar Sathiyaseelan MD

Dr. Thomas Jeerakathil MD

Dr. Thomas Stark MD

Dr. Thuc Nhi Dang MD

Dr. Tianru Sui MD

Dr. Tiffany Lila Van Slyke MD

Dr. Timothy Pyra MD

Dr. Tina Tom MD

Dr. Travis Webster MD

Dr. Trevor Luk MD

Dr. Trevor Mailey MD

Dr. Tricia Kutnikoff MD

Dr. Trina Uwiera MD

Dr. Troy Turner MD

Dr. Tulika Karan MD

Dr. Ulrich Lauf MD

Dr. Una Barry MD

Dr. Vanessa Fawcett MD

Dr. Vanessa Potok MD

Dr. Vania Chandler MD

Dr. Vasiliki Giannitsos MD

Dr. Verna Krisik MD

Dr. Victor abdelmalak MD

Dr. Victoria Leung MD

Dr. Victoria Siu MD

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Alberta’a chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said Thursday that there are more than 328,000 vaccine appointments booked over the next seven days. (Photo by Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta)
Alberta surpasses 2 million doses administered of COVID-19 vaccine

Red Deer down to 835 active cases of COVID-19

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney arrives at the 2021 budget in Edmonton, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021.
‘We did not unite around blind loyalty to one man’:Kenney faces internal call to quit

Senior backbench member Todd Loewen, in a letter posted on Facebook, called on Kenney to resign

Alberta continues to wrestle with high COVID-19 case numbers. (NIAID-RML via AP)
Red Deer up to 858 active cases of COVID-19

Province reports additional 1,799 cases of the virus

Town of Sylvan Lake. File Photo
Sylvan Lake residents affected by Boil Water Advisory to be compensated

Sylvan Lake Town Council says the roughly 3,700 residents affected last month will be compensated

Marc Kielburger, screen left, and Craig Kielburger, screen right, appear as witnesses via video conference during a House of Commons finance committee in the Wellington Building in Ottawa on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. The committee is looking into Government Spending, WE Charity and the Canada Student Service Grant. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Trudeau didn’t violate conflict rules over WE Charity, watchdog says

Federal ethics commissioner Mario Dion found that former finance minister Bill Morneau did violate the rules

Chris Scott, owner of The Whistle Stop Cafe, was put in handcuffs after an anti-restriction protest Saturday in the parking lot of the business. (Screenshot via The Whistle Stop Facebook page)
Alberta RCMP investigating possible threat to police after Mirror rally

Online images show RCMP members, vehicles in crosshairs of a rifle

An Israeli attack helicopter launches flares as he flies over the Israeli Gaza border, southern Israel, Thursday, May 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)
Singh calls for halt on Canadian arms sales to Israel as violence escalates in region

Government data shows Canada sent $13.7 million in military goods and technology to Israel in 2019

New homes are built in a housing construction development in the west-end of Ottawa on Thursday, May 6, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Budget’s foreign-homebuyers tax could bring in $509 million over 4 years, PBO says

Liberals are proposing a one per cent tax on vacant homes owned by foreign non-residents

A Canadian flag patch is shown on a soldier’s shoulder in Trenton, Ont., on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. The Canadian Forces says it has charged one of its members in the death of an army reservist from British Columbia during a training exercise at a military base in Alberta last year. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg
Canadian Forces member charged in death of army reservist during training exercise

Cpl. Lars Callsen has been charged with one count of negligence

A youth plays basketball in an otherwise quiet court in Toronto on Saturday April 17, 2021. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is urging the federal and provincial governments to fight COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on proven public health policy interventions including paid sick leave, and education rather than punitive enforcement measures. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young
Provinces issued more COVID-19 tickets during 2nd wave: CCLA report

‘A pandemic is a public health, not a public order, crisis,’ reads the report

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a press conference in Ottawa on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. Trudeau is rejecting accusations from Alberta’s justice minister that his federal government is part of a trio rooting for that province’s health system to collapse due to COVID-19. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
Alberta justice minister sorry for saying feds, others rooting for COVID disaster

Earlier Tuesday, prior to Madu’s apology, Trudeau rejected the accusations

In this Monday, March 15, 2021 file photo a vial of AstraZeneca vaccine is pictured in a pharmacy in Boulogne Billancourt, outside Paris. Questions remained Wednesday about the future of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine in Canada, as Manitoba limited use of the shot and Ontario announced it planned to save an incoming shipment to use as second doses. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP/Christophe Ena, File
Questions remain about the future of the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot in Canada

More than two million Canadians have received AstraZeneca and 17 have been confirmed to have VITT

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