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Applause to the true north and the togetherness in its diversity

With the opportunity to pick any place in the world, I chose Canada.
Reeti Meenakshi Rohilla / Submitted photo

With the opportunity to pick any place in the world, I chose Canada.

The scenic landscapes with frozen lakes made me feel nostalgic for my favourite picturesque, idyllic location that I would select in video games as a child.

But as they say, life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. Navigating a foreign land gave me new perspectives on life.

With part of my heart ever belonging to my homeland, the feeling of never completely being at home again was something I had to come to terms with.

While the transition from the luxury of a financially stable life, surrounded by family and friends, to working at gas stations was a challenge, life for me is always a daring adventure or nothing at all.

This is the price one pays for the blessing of knowing and loving people across borders.

Having lived in many parts of the diverse land of India, adopting a new culture came naturally.

The international diversity that Canada offers is second to none. It’s a perfect blend of cultures and people of different backgrounds.

A feeling of safety and freedom topped with the abundance of natural resources and the overall quality of life is about as good as it gets in today’s time.

While I’m not blinded to the prejudices existing in Canada, I believe we as a nation have the potential to move forward to a future of collective success and togetherness.

There could be several different reasons to cherish being a Canadian. The pride in my identity as an Indian-Canadian is what I celebrate on Canada Day.

Learning from one another’s diverse experiences and the individuality of each one of us is what makes Canada great.

Happy Canada Day!