Are carbohydrates bad?

Scott McDermott discusses nutrition-related misconceptions, and what diets work for whom.

The Editor,

I’m sorry, but I have to make a comment in regard to all of the tourists visiting our beautiful, well maintained town. After three days of having people from out of town coming in and enjoying our hospitality and clean town, I am disgusted at how they left our town.

There is garbage all over the place, pop and beer cans left on the beach and on the downtown streets or garbage left to blow around, and for others to pick up.

I know firsthand, that the Town of Sylvan Lake’s Public Works Department works hard at keeping it beautiful and well maintained. I enjoy living here because of that, and for many other reasons.

But it does anger me that the tourists coming in to enjoy it don’t have any respect or appreciation for what we have to offer. At least they can make a better effort to pick up after themselves.

I must say that I was a little angered, after seeing the mess and having to listen to all of the loud, thumping music coming from the vehicles, as well.

A concerned resident