Bike thief apprehended

Mondays of long weekends are often epitomized by their relaxing “time to unwind” feeling.

Dear Editor,

Mondays of long weekends are often epitomized by their relaxing “time to unwind” feeling.

However, this was not my experience this year. While travelling home from lunch, my husband, Sean McIntyre, witnessed a youth stealing a bike from outside Dairy Queen. He took his cell phone, snapped a photo of the youth and yelled out “I gotcha!” He then turned our vehicle around and started pursuing the youth up 46 Street. We cut him off by turning into 48A Ave. Close. The startled young man, dropped the bike and fled on foot.

As this was all taking place, I called 911 to have police participate in this crime. I was told to wait outside the health centre while a police cruiser was dispatched. My husband picked up the bike and we met up with the owner — another youth who was very grateful.

We asked the bike owner to wait at the health centre for the police as my husband spotted the bike thief trying to hide. We took pursuit again to track him. With a couple bystanders’ helpful points, we kept within range. Sean left our vehicle to pursue him on foot as I waited with our two children for the police.

I didn’t wait long and a cruiser pulled up. The officer got some details from me and went off to try to intercept the youth as well. A minute later Sean called me. He had caught the youth and was sitting with him on the lawn of a nearby home. I took our vehicle over to this location and parked on the road out front. The police car soon joined us.

The youth was arrested and statements were taken. Parents of both the thief and bike owner showed up within 10 minutes.

I am very proud of Sean for his passion for the youth. The fact that he would assist the bike owner in this great way was impressive. But even more so was his compassion for the thief.

While he sat with this youth on the lawn he took time to talk with him in hopes to encourage him to change for the better. He also asked the officer to consider alternative measures as punishment rather than jail time. And lastly, he spoke to the youth’s mother. He encouraged her that her son could change and that there is hope for him too.

Thank you Sean, for caring for Sylvan Lake’s youth!

Leah McIntyre,

Sylvan Lake