Changes needed in Sylvan Lake

“Embrace change”, is that the new catch phrase for Sylvan Lake?

Dear Editor,

“Embrace change”, is that the new catch phrase for Sylvan Lake? That is the phrase used by the current mayor in the Sylvan News earlier this year. The mayor has referred to Sylvan Lake as a half empty glass. That is sad because many of us moved here in the last decade or so believing that the glass was nearly full. We can only hope a change is for the better.

A great change would be to have urgent health care in our own community. This would give us better care and lessen the burden on other communities.

Another change would be to reopen the Hwy. 781/11 intersection to allow safe and timely access for emergency crews (fire trucks, etc.) to the Hwy. 781 corridor. Someday this could save lives. It would also allow visitors direct access to the downtown core area which is becoming a ghost town. How about a plebiscite on this issue (including Red Deer county residents)? This could settle this issue for good.

A town council with fiscal responsibility would be a welcome change for the future of our community. The average taxpayer has to “live within their means”. Council is currently building a “high maintenance” town which taxpayers will pay for forever.

Changes to the sidewalks on the lake side of Lakeshore Drive west of 50th St. would be very welcome. Currently there is no access for wheel chairs, baby strollers or even Segways used by law enforcement. Pedestrians are forced to cross a busy street.

A huge change would be to have a plan and method to control the water level of the lake. The current council continues to “dump” this issue off on other government levels and departments. This is not acceptable, we need a homegrown solution. The town, summer villages and effected counties “need” a plan.

There are many critical challenges facing the town and area. Changes are needed at the town and Red Deer county councils. How about a council that listens to its electorate?

Everyone is urged to get out and vote as it is election time. Make your voice heard now or sit on the sideline for the next four years wondering if you could have made a difference.

Ken Somervile

Sylvan Lake