Conservative values better preserved by sitting together

After reading the letter to the editor in the Feb. 5 Sylvan Lake News submitted by Craig and Brenda Perry, I was somewhat puzzled

Dear Editor,

After reading the letter to the editor in the Feb. 5 Sylvan Lake News submitted by Craig and Brenda Perry, I was somewhat puzzled at its content. My thoughts are the letter somewhat attacks people that are fellow conservatives, or in other words — others whose values lay on the right. Asking who could be proud to be a member of a party, that for the greatest part of its history has provided Albertans with sound governance and leadership, is something that shouldn’t sit right with anyone with conservative values.

There is little doubt that the WRA was formed due to people becoming disaffected in the previous leadership of PC Party. That said, there is a new leader and Mr. Prentice has effected the needed change — most certainly for the better. At one time I too joined the Wildrose, but soon realized that by leaving the Alberta PC Party and supporting the WRA, all I had done was mistakenly weaken efforts of the right in our province. Now that the provincial PC Party has rooted out the problems and elected a strong leader, there is no doubt the best group to lead Alberta is the PC Party. One only has to look back to see the devastating effects the splitting of the right caused during the days of the Reform Party and the successive federal left-wing governments the split caused to realize splitting the right is a mistake Alberta cannot afford.

I did chuckle a bit at the comment that those crossing the floor to better represent their constituents as a member of the government were “crass opportunists that wanted to board the Tory Gravy Train”. Doubtless our MLA had to have given her decision a great deal of thought before taking the steps she did. It had to take a great deal of reflection and courage to leave the opposition and to sit in a position that, ultimately, will only serve to allow her to better represent her constituency. There can also be no doubt that no back room promises or deals were struck as Kerry is currently in a nomination battle to retain her job as our MLA.

The fact that more than half of the sitting members of the WRA and its leader left to join with other conservatives to work together as a group sitting on the right to preserve our conservative values; endeavouring to foster prosperity in our province is a decision that should be lauded and not ridiculed.

Ms. Towle held open houses on more than several occasions and was available for conversations at other community events many times since becoming an MLA. Speaking only for myself, my views are that each time she and I spoke she always listened to my concerns regarding the splitting of the right and re-uniting it in Alberta. She was always respectful of my thoughts that our province would be stronger with the conservatives in both the WRA and the PC Party combining and working together side-by-side rather than by squabbling amongst ourselves. As her constituents are we not being irresponsible to ourselves and our own views if we are not maintaining a line of communication with our elected officials? If we are not happy with the actions of our government or our representative, it is our duty to ourselves to contact them and inform them of our concern rather than vilifying them for doing what they believe is right. One also has to wonder if the authors of the letter to the editor took advantage of one of the many opportunities to speak with Ms. Towle about their concerns, or if those opportunities were lost.

Let me conclude this letter by saying that Ms. Towle has always served her constituents with distinction and a strong sense of seeing and then doing what is right. There can be no doubt that, as a group, those on the right will be far better served by sitting together to preserve our conservative values than by taking shots at each other and fighting amongst ourselves.

Let us all make the best use of our energies by working together to ensure the continued prosperity of our province and to preserve our core conservative values. Doing so can only make Alberta a better place for all to call home.

Jordan Sinclair,

Sylvan Lake