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Downtown revitalization survey a waste of time

Response to town about a downtown revitalization survey.

Dear Editor,

Response to town about a downtown revitalization survey.

We are involved with a business that has been in the same downtown location on Main Street Sylvan Lake for over 25 years.

In response to town emails about a survey for revitalization of the downtown, we consider it a waste of time unless the mayor and town council join the demand for traffic lights at the Highway 11/781 intersection.

The majority of businesses and residents in Sylvan Lake recognize that access to the downtown is significantly blocked without lights at this major historical intersection.

Even worse, traffic is currently being forced to detour down Highway 20 past Walmart and other big box stores that have caused many downtown businesses to close.

All of the survey question topics are useless band aids unless the major issue of highway intersection access is fixed.

I have spoken to many realistic, objective thinking people who feel very strongly this way. They will all be voting for anyone who supports the issue of new traffic lights now and in the next election.

Please prominently place this letter in the town survey files and forward it on to the mayor and council with your other results.

Craig & Bonnie Little,

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